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Happy holidays from CRE Credit Services. I wish each of you a vey happy holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. As someone new to Active Rain I look forward to getting to know people from this site. I enjoy reading the blogs on here and learning from them. Please feel free to contac...
There are many companies that claim they can repair credit but here are some questions you should ask, or have your clients ask before signing a contract with them: 1.      Do they investigate and audit the creditors, and collection agencies as well as the credit bureaus? 2.      Are they sending...
                                                   This time of the year we have our best success with credit restoration. The law states that all responses to the credit bureaus, collection companies, etc. must be within 30 days. This time of year people are missing work because of illness due t...
It’s best to have at least 2 revolving lines of credit (credit cards) and 1 installment line of credit (loan) in order for the credit scores to calculate correctly.   The quickest way to establish credit is to become an authorized user or “piggybacking” another person’s credit. If you have a fami...
There are plenty of people wanting to buy new homes, but not all will qualify for a mortgage because of low credit scores. How many people do you speak with that start out not even knowing what there credit scores are today? In this economy bad things happen to good people. Stories of lost jobs, ...

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