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Home staging for vacant and occupied homes in New Jersey... Providing assistance to Estate Holders to help prepare their loved ones homes sell fast and for more money.
 I honestly can not believe what some people are placing on the web as a marketing tool.  I visited Trulia and found this home....It was priced nicely....so I clicked and this picture was the very first picture that came up  - How lovely, peeling deck...are you serious...why would you include thi...
For the last month I have been pounding the pavement of Ocean County trying to introduce staging as a major principle of marketing real estate property.  Everyone seems to understand or do they??  I thought I would share some dollar and cents strategy: There had been a study conducted by RESA - R...
Professionally staged homes sell over 50% faster and on average for 6-10% more.  That's quite a bit more money for a lot less headache, but how do you get the home sellers to "buy in" to the idea of staging a home.  As a Real Estate Agent and expert in the industry, you owe it to your clients to ...
  Hello All, I found this video...that says it all so well....I thought I'd share it with you.... I know a lot of you in New Jersey are still not sold on Home Stagers and what they can do for your inventory....This guy really captured it all...Let me know your thoughts... http://youtu.be/SmpkLlJI...
If you thought that pinterest was just for pinning your favorite fashions or receipies you are so wrong... Pinterest is now the number three most-popular social network in the U.S., behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise. A new report from the researcher shows Pinterest recei...
I am sure that most of you used Picnick for your photo enhancements and were totally disappointed when it was taken off the internet - Well, it is being replaced by RIBBET - It will be using the same platform as Picnick... To request an invitation, click on this link: Ribbet Request Invitation.  ...
Due to some unforeseen real life situations - I have found my self back in the beautiful state of New Jersey....  I wake up every morning and see the beautiful Barnegat Bay and the shadows of Seaside Heights and Island Beach State Park.... Its a great life...however So why I'm I so frustrated??? ...
Are post caravan sponsors invited only to provide the food and give always....or do Realtor really take away something from their 10 minute presentation - Interested in hearing your feed back... As a home stager, I've been invited to a few...and I'm trying to feel my way around this arena....It w...
We just want it sold!!!!....so often, the estate/children of the deceased parent(s) would rather not be bothered in fixing and preparing the 55+ community home for sale....so the end result; the value in these communities continue to plummet.   Wouldn't it make more sense to hire a home stager t...
As a professional home stager it is critical that I see the "staging potential" of the home.  In order to do that, I need to know a bit about the home and the area it's in.  You've heard the saying that you want to be the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood, well in home staging terms, that...

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