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Classy Floridian, Native, Broker Associate-GRI/Realtor, with a sense of humor, Confidence, Peace, Knowledge, New homes, Builders, Skills with effective Advertising, Broad Website Base, Northeast Florida Territory.
HELLO,Please allow me to share my excitement with you as I have Just gotten my Real Estate Brokers License In Florida now and will be acting as a Broker Associate-GRI where I am currently at Realty World, Executive Group in Fleming Island/Orange Park, Fl. It is a very Tough Test, and was a Challe...
RFCU= Realtors Federal Credit Union   How exciting this will be, for Realtors only and their families for 2 generations both up & down. It is in the works and should become available in Spring sometime 2008. It will be Virtual Online with ATM'S available around. Realtors will soon begin to get th...
Hello everyone! Not sure about you guys but I myself stayed home and did not shop Friday or today Saturday, not to mention the price of gas and I drive a big SUV Gas Hog!  Instead I cleaned house and pulled out the Christmas decorations. Got it all done already and not can concentrate on getting ...
Hello all I have not been on Active rain in a while now. I have been busy doing more education. Just completed my Brokers Real Estate Course and the class exam and now soon to take the state exam. It is great to learn more as we go in this business and we can't be too safe these day's. I would re...
You're sound asleep when you feel someone rubbing your feet and wake up. At the foot of the bed is a little girl. She asks you if you want to play and then fades away into nothingness. In another room guests have been awakened by the spectral figure of a large black man in old-fashioned, tattered...
Hello my fellow bloggers and friends. I don't know about other markets in other States, I only know that in Florida, NEF area we are Bombarded with OverKill on the emails from sooooooo many agents emailing their new Listings to all the agents in the area. I cannot keep my mailbox empty ever. I mu...
WELL-KNOWN REAL ESTATE COLUMNIST DIESNationally syndicated real estate columnist Robert Bruss died Wednesday at his northern California home. For 23 years, Bruss wrote daily syndicated real estate columns, including the widely published "Real Estate Mailbag" question-and-answer real estate column...
DO-NOT-CALL: CAN YOU HOLD, PLEASE?On Oct. 1, the National Do-Not-Call Registry is transitioning between contractors. As a result, you will not be able to subscribe to the registry, pay for area codes, manage/renew subscriptions, manage clients or download telephone numbers for four days - from 12...
REAL ESTATE FRAUDA real estate investor accused of encumbering more than 200 titles in Florida in order to keep the properties from selling is now banned from using such practices in the Sunshine State, Leon County Circuit Judge William L. Gary ruled Thursday.I AM TIRED OF THESE CERTAIN INVESTORS...
GOING, GOING, GONEMiami had its first condo auction yesterday - 20 new units at Platinum Condominium, a 22-story, 199-unit tower. More than 300 people showed up - investors hoping for a bargain; homebuyers hoping for a good deal; and other condo developers curious to see how auctions work. In the...

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A classy "Floridian Native" Broker Associate-GRI/Realtor with a keen ear, Great sense of humor, and a desire to assist the Seller or Buyer in order to bring confidence and peace with their transaction. Broad Web Base, I think outside the Box, always doing something different to make my Listings SELL!!In todays market you had better be BETTER! Not AVERAGE ;-)