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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area in WA including the real estate market in those communities.
It is not unusual to see an offer on a house be answered with a counteroffer from the seller.  And still not unusual for that to be followed by a counter to the counter from the buyer back to the seller.  This negotiation process can go on....and on....and on.  But at some point it seems like one...
Checking out the competition can be a real eye-opener for a home seller.  It is pretty much a sure thing that buyers will be looking at and comparing similar properties before they decide on one they want, so sellers may want to consider doing the same thing. It is really typical for prospective ...
Years ago I took part in a workshop meant to teach managers about how to successfully implement organizational change.  We all participated in a situational exercise where first an issue was posed, we answered questions about what action we would take, then new issues were presented, and we again...
The annual Sand in the City event is just around the corner!  If you enjoy seeing amazing sand sculptures, this is a don't miss event in Olympia!  And it's free!!!   Starting on Friday, August 23rd, you can view the competing teams of sand sculptors in action from 10 AM until 4 PM.  Saturday, Aug...
When you look at homes for sale to find the perfect match, sometimes one has pretty much everything you were hoping for - plus a few things you were NOT hoping for.  Maybe a roof that appears to be on its last legs.  Perhaps siding that is in obvious need of a paint job.     So the question becom...
Most of us have a distinct style for how we shop for things, whether those things are cars, shoes, a new dress .....or a new house.      Some people like to do lots and lots of online research, carefully comparing, educating themselves, reading reviews etc.  Once these folks actually hit the car ...
The annual Pet Parade in Olympia is a favorite community tradition, and this coming Saturday, August 17th is when this year's event will be happening.    Kids can bring their cats, dogs, rabbits, ponies, mice, gerbils - whatever pet they have that can parade down the street with them, or be pulle...
Thurston County Fair has been a summer favorite for many years - it has been around since 1871!  The 2013 fair opens today, July 31st and runs through Sunday, August 4th.  This year's theme for the fair is Laughter & Ladybugs - and there will be LOTS to see and enjoy!   If you like to see all typ...
Once upon a time, I wasn't really that much a fan of tile.  I pictured it as hard and cold under foot, or as kind of boring squares without that much visual interest in a counter or tub surround.  And a high maintenance hassle with grout to clean, and cracks to deal with.  But - that was once upo...

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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Thurston County area including the real estate market in those communities.
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