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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area in WA including the real estate market in those communities.
I CANNOT figure out how it could be possible that next week is already Thanksgiving week, but seems to be true.  Which means that the annual holiday events in Olympia are kicking off with some really fun opportunities right after you eat more turkey, stuffing and pie than you thought possible.   ...
    I did some checking into MLS statistics today to see if my hunch is correct that the Olympia area is seeing fewer listings that are bank owned or short sales.  The price bracket I checked on is residential properties listed at no more than $300,000.  Certainly there are both bank owned and sh...
Simplifying is NOT all that simple!  In our family's ongoing adventure of selling an investment property so we can "downsize" into a new house, I've been working in spurts to clear out all the "stuff" that does NOT need to make the move with us. It's pretty amazing to see the sheer quantity of "s...
In the Olympia area, like many others, new construction projects were few and far between after the real estate market took a nose dive.  And builders spent a while just regrouping, studying the market forecasts, investigating the availability of financing for their projects.....and generally bei...
Christmas Forest 2012 is a really special holiday event in Olympia, and this year will be the 25th year you can view the amazingly beautiful trees and wreaths. The Christmas Forest will be open for viewing on:           Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 10 AM - 2 PM           Thursday, November 29,...
I really, really love Olympia Farmer's Market all of the months it is open, but I think fall just might be one of my favorite times to stroll along through the market and shop.   The produce has shifted from the berries of summer to apples of so many varieties that it is hard to choose, pumpkins,...
Negotiating the purchase price for a home is almost always a strategic (yet mysterious) process for buyers and sellers. There are many theories about the best approach to negotiating....but here's the deal. Although you know where YOU want to end up in the negotiations, all you can do us guess ab...
Since we are right in the middle of trying to sell an investment property in order to buy a new primary residence, I have been writing about our saga as buyers - but now have more to add about how it feels to be the seller, rather than just the agent. Of the showings we have had so far, the first...
It is always a disappointing thing when an offer comes in lower than a seller hoped for, or a counteroffer comes back way higher than the buyer hoped. Sometimes that sheer disappointment makes a buyer or seller think that all is lost, and they should just give up. But my theory is it never, ever ...
  Paprika Cafe in downtown Olympia offers homemade crepes - both sweet and savory types.  Homemade soups or goulash are also a hit as the weather gets chillier and something warm and hearty just hits the spot.       For years, Paprika Catering has been popular around our community, so now also ha...

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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Thurston County area including the real estate market in those communities.
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