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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area in WA including the real estate market in those communities.
We are in the process of having a new home built, and I could probably just say I am learning A LOT - but I think instead I will list some of the things for others who might be building or contemplating the process. Number one thing is to choose contractors you will be able to work with well!  I ...
We're in the process of having a new house built, and I continue to be surprised at all the things I am learning as we go along - despite the fact that houses are basically the core of what I DO for a living.  I already knew from past buying/selling experiences that being a real estate broker and...
Improving energy efficiency is a "makes sense" goal for home owners.  A more comfortable home to live in and lower energy bills are great benefits. But when it comes to landlords, things get more complicated.  Many landlords would like to make their rental properties more energy efficiency for a ...
Some winters in the Olympia area we move from cold enough to snow but no precipitation, to precipitation - but it has warmed up and comes down as rain.  Kids and kids at heart (not to mention ski enthusiasts) are often left wondering if the winter will EVER bring us some snow. Well, Saturday nigh...
  Since my business is helping people buy and sell homes, you might think that I believe EVERYONE should buy a house. I make money if I sell houses after all. But.....sometimes people should NOT buy a house - not right now. If you are a buyer who is considering quitting your job to go back to sc...
Superbowl Sunday is always a huge event for football fans, and this year, with Seattle Seahawks playing, the excitement in our state definitely extends well beyond Seattle.  Seahawk fans claim their support role as the 12th Man (or Woman or Child) with enthusiasm and creativity.  My grocery store...
When buyers evaluate homes they might want to buy, one thing that often comes up is the energy efficiency (or lack thereof) of a particular home.  A savvy buyer wants to make sure they know the full cost of owning the home they choose, and even if the purchase price is affordable, there is more t...
Like many areas of the country, the Olympia area is experiencing quite a resurgence of new construction.  Large homes, small homes, fancy homes, starter homes - they are being built....and are selling pretty rapidly.     So if you are trying to resell your existing house, it is smart to go check ...
We are starting to make baby steps toward getting our lot ready to build on as soon as the city approves our building plans, and the construction loan is ready to close.  And each step is exciting to watch since it makes it feel more and more real - yes, we are truly going to have a new house thi...
I've been reading and occasionally commenting on posts in the last few weeks, but haven't posted for way too long.  And the truth is that I have been WAY sidetracked by real estate.  Some is the normal kind of working with buyers and sellers and managing transactions in process - par for the cour...

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A blog about community events in the Olympia/Thurston County area including the real estate market in those communities.
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