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I tend to go back and forth between Google (my new choice) and YAHOO! (my old choice) for news and information throughout the day. This afternoon while perusing YAHOO! news I came across a story that used the term "CASINO CAPITALISM." I have never heard this term used before and find it to be ver...
Today we funded a loan that died and came back alive more times than a cat with 9 lives.  We received a call from a panicked borrower in the afternoon of September 18. She had her loan with someone that didn't know how to get it closed on time. The borrower is in the business and recognized that ...
Geneva Real Estate & Investments is looking for Real Estate AgentsWe offer:100% Commission$39 per month$449 per closed transaction (This program is available all throughout California)Experienced and New Agents Welcome! Month-to-Month, No Long Term Contracts!  E&O IncludedNo Additional Fees or Qu...
I read a blog on AR yesterday that mentioned that the AR community is very much into tech. That comment inspired me to write this blog entry on how we can keep our computers running smooth and fast. This is for Windows users only. If you are a Mac user, good for you, click onto the next blog. I r...
Think of your credit score like you would a grade in school. A teacher calculates grades by taking scores from tests, homework, attendance and anything else they want to use, weighting each one according to importance in order to come up with a final single number (or letter) score. Your credit s...
Loan Officer/Processor Training School LIVE: Loan Officer/Processor Training Classwith Home Study Mortgage Loan Brokering Coursethat includes Certificate at Completion A new class every month3 consecutive Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:30pmPre-registration - Online - $259.00
I just don't understand it when somebody says they'll do something and then they don't do it. What twisted part of human nature is it that motivates people to do say or act like they are truly going to commit to do something and they are a no show, no call or do not commit. It happens in personal...
From the WSJ 09/22/2008: The Federal Reserve, in an attempt to prevent the crisis on Wall Street from infecting its two premier institutions, took the extraordinary measure on Sunday night of agreeing to convert investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. into traditional bank ho...
According to the California DRE website, as of August 2008, there were 540,735 licensed salespersons and brokers. According to the US Census Bureau, as of June 2007, the population of California is estimated at 37,700,000. Those statistics bear out that for roughly every 70 people in California t...
Loan Officers and Processors can sometimes have an adversarial relationship. I've found the relationship can often be like dogs and cats. By nature, the Loan Officer is the dog and the Processor the cat. By that analogy, I mean that the Loan Officer is by nature carefree and often a little carele...

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