Okay, so now you have your profile set up in Twitter with your photo.  What to do next.  First I would start off by finding some folks/companies to follow.  In the "search" space on the right of your home screen put in a term that is an interest to your business, or names of associates.  When you...
In response to a previous article I posted regarding Twitter, I thought it might be helpful for some folks if I broke it down a little, as it was quite lengthy. If you can understand a few things about Twitter and start doing it at least once a day, you'll soon be an expert. Originally, the 140 C...
Twitter is not just for comments on what you are currently doing or how your day is going.  It has a greater capability then just that! Instead of that or just selling yourself/products, Tweet information that is useful to your target customers.  Connect them to links of blogs or articles of info...
I thought after my previous post I would put basic instructions on how to Bookmark on Digg.  Most of the other sites are similiar in their own ways.   First you have to setup an account, of course.  You put in a brief Bio in of yourself along with uploading a photo. At the top of the screen you w...
Some good news for those realtors that bookmark their listings on various sites.  It appears that DIgg is overhauling its site - this is not official yet, but all information leads that way! If you aren't bookmarking your listings - you should really learn how to! Check out Diggs new face.
Verizon is preparing new plans for data use as traffic due to smart phones and the droid has increased.  It appears AT&T has already done so. I confess I do not know how all that works on a phone, and how much it actually costs the providers.  But really, every time there appears to be a good thi...
I stumbled upon this very interesting article regarding multi-tasking and our brains.  Everything is so electronic, that I'm comparing it to being an traiffic controller who listens to hundres of voices at one time.  Well I wanted to share this article with as many people as I can.  It's a fairly...
I just ran into a couple of articles on this and actually downloaded this myself.  It's called Lookout. It puts a virus/malware scan on your phone, it will back up your data (phone numbers and everything else), and if your phone gets lost or goes missing, it will find it and e...
There are many reason to hire a Virtual Assistant rather than having an in-office employee.  The main reason is the cost.  At first glance it appears that the hourly wage of a Virtual Assistant is much more per hour then you would pay an in-office assistant.  But in reality, virtual employees can...
  I always questioned how it was legal (let alone ethical) for home builders to also offer financing, home inspections, and establish the HOA management company for a new development.  It appeared like a severe conflict of interest situation, but was allowed to prevail.  As I was an active agent ...

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