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This Blog brings you insight and the latest information on reverse mortgages or the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage).
It seems counter-intuitive that real estate professionals would need to know about reverse mortgages.  After all, the purpose of a reverse mortgage is to help KEEP someone in his or her home, right?  Actually, a reverse mortgage can INCREASE a Realtor's® business.How? You can double your business...
When working with senior clients (or any client for that matter), I find that they don't like surprises.  Have you ever noticed how "grumpy" a client can get if just the slightest little thing goes wrong?  Or the timetable has changed ever so slightly?  To ourselves, we think, "Geez...they sure a...
Determining Eligibility:All borrowers on title must be at least 62 years of ageNo income or credit requirementsNo health requirementsProperty must be the borrowers' primary residenceBorrower should have some equity; approximately 50%Borrower profile:Seniors who:Are looking for increase in monthly...
I could lose my home. With a reverse mortgage you retain ownership of your home and control of the title.  You can remain in your home as long as you wish and cannot be evicted or forced to sell.  The lender will own my home. The fact is that you retain title and ownership to your home, and can c...
I just responded to a post where the blogger said that those of us who do reverse mortgages are "taking advantage" of senior citizens and that they are scams!  My blood is still boilling! Having made reverse mortgages my MISSION in life and knowing in my heart that I have changed so many lives th...
Many senior borrowers got caught up in risky loans such as Option Arms.  Many had no idea what they were getting into.  As their loans "reset" and their values fall, they are in a world of hurt.  I talk to seniors every week who simply can no longer make their mortgage payments.  Some I can help,...

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