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Here's an interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal about how a reverse mortgage can help seniors who are facing foreclosure to keep their homes.  This is not news to me -- I have pulled many seniors from foreclosure with a reverse mortgage.  But what is new is that with the glut of bank...
I just read an article in the Modesto Bee titled "Reverse mortgages a new threat to seniors" By TONY PUGHMcCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS - last updated: December 22, 2007 headline is a bit misleading.  The author is basically talking about how unscrupulous...
It's that time of the year again (and I don't mean Christmas!).  It's time to pay the first installment of Property Taxes.I got to thinking that, since my property has declined in value, will I have to pay the full assessed tax?  I found out that there is a process for having property reassessed ...
When I talk with seniors about the reverse mortgage, many of them say they are going to "wait" awhile.   When I ask them WHY?, they say "What if I need the equity in later years and I have used it all up with a reverse mortgage?"First of all, what are "later years"?  The average reverse mortgage ...
I am often asked if a reverse mortgage is safe and is it a good program?  I always answer that, yes, it is very safe and it is a wonderful program. However, I don't think that is necessarily the right question to be asking.  The question anyone who is considering a reverse mortgage should ask is ...

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