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Public service announcement:Don't forget to renew your domains.They should be on Auto-RenewAnd in fact you should register them for at least 5 years.If you let your domain expire, the registration company could make you pay dearly to get it back. Or, a squatter could buy it holding out for hundre...
I have around 4300 Facebook friends at the moment. I have probably actually met around 10% face to face. Around 60% are involved in the real estate industry. Around 30% live in Las Vegas.Every day I see Facebook birthday notifications in the right sidebar of the Home page. I am sure most of you s...
As an IDX Broker development partner and as the former marketing director for a major real estate web developer, I pay attention to not only the design of Realtor websites but also the IDX integration within the websites themselves.IDX's deliver MLS content through various types of search functio...
The grand opening of the Las Vegas IKEA is coming up this week on the 18th. This will be a festive experience and I have a good friend who is actually the Swedish Consulate here so it should be a lot of fun.On this IKEA website they are listing out all of the free items thay are giving away to th...
Just announced by MGM Resorts:"As a local Nevada resident, our self-parking will continue to be complimentary to you through December 29, 2016, with the presentation of a valid Nevada driver’s license. To extend complimentary parking beyond that date, you may choose to participate in M life Rewar...
Today I came across an article at The Daily Mail in the UK titled, "It's a temple of rooms! Luxurious Los Angeles mansion with recording studio built by Harrison Ford goes on the market for $8.9million".This 12,000+ square foot luxury home is located at 4849 Encino Ave, Encino, CA 91316. The home...
Of the 4 computer monitors on my desk, one is monitoring breaking news via RSS feeds. I like to stay current on the news of the day and I am looking for opportunities to get Google's attention via "breaking news" blogging or what has been referred to as "Real Time Blogging".Real time blogging is ...
I was interviewed just over a month ago by Toby Salgado on Super Agents Live. I fit probably 10 potential blog posts within a 1 hour podcast. I start around 4.5 minutes in. http://www.superagentslive.com/podcasts/242-using-youtube-for-marketing-cj-hays/
 Two months ago while traveling, I saw a commercial wherein Barbara Corcoran is endorsing a local real estate team. I googled the team, curious as to their online reputation and was surprised to see their online footprint was weak and they had a few bad reviews.This concerned me as we no longer s...
Google is both a proper noun and a verb. Within this post, when you see the word "google" and it is not capitalized, I am referring to the verb.When consumers "google" something they usually have one of two intents.The first is the "intent of click". They are looking for a product, service or inf...

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