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Desert Sun Home and Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico 88220 is a full service inspection and Risk Management company. We specialize in Residential and commercial inspections. And offer a PDF report with pictures, Recallchek and a 90 day warranty with all full home inspections. 1-575-706-5586 Call Clint McKie Today.
What about the out buildings? Or that Detached garage? Inspect them. When buying a home. Do you as the buyer take into account any of the out buildings when getting a home inspection? The detached garage should be included in the original home inspection process. At Desert Sun Home Inspections in...
Home inspection in Carlsbad New Mexico. Is the dryer drying anything? This issue is almost becoming the norm for home inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. Not that the dryer is not drying the clothes the owners wants to get dried, but the way the venting has been ran into the attic. This dryer ven...
Commercial Inspection in Hobbs New Mexico. Behind schedule. Not good. Staying on schedule is a top priority when trying to get a commercial project finished and get the property open for business. Desert Sun Commercial Inspections reports just the facts. I have not read the ins and outs of the co...
Hiding the electric meter can cause issues. Home inspection Hobbs, NM. It is simply amazing what we find when inspecting homes for buyers. This home was doing great till the owners decided to add a screened in back patio area. The it was closed up at a later date. This may look O.K. to the buyer....
Want to get "High in Texas"? I know how and where. Did you know you can get legally "High in the state of Texas"? This is a really well known area of the state that not enough travelers and people from the state of Texas take advantage of. The Guadalupe Mountains in the State of Texas and New Mex...
Are the good days really over for good? Home inspection Hobbs N. M. #2 When there are issues with a home that gets a home inspection there becomes the quandary of what to do next. The issues become in most cases an issue the selling agent or listing agent needs to deal with sooner or later. Even ...
Are the good days really over for good? Home inspection Hobbs N. M. This has been a really frustrating couple of weeks for Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. I was contacted to perform a home inspection on a home in Hobbs New Mexico. This inspection should have been one of many t...
Uninvited guest in your home? Mold can be anywhere. Take precautions. When Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico inspects homes. We focus on the issues of health and safety for the owners and the buyers. Even if the home doe's not sell the home owners could be notified of the potenti...
Exterior electrical issues. Sellers and buyers beware. Safety is number one priority at Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad, New Mexico. This is why when inspecting home for a buyer or a seller there seems to always be an issue with the exterior electrical. There are issues from missing or da...
Building a home the right way. Venting is crucial. There are just too many of these homes I have been inspecting with the same issues when it comes to venting a home the proper way. At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  We really try not to raise too many "red flags". We don't ...

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