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Desert Sun Home and Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico 88220 is a full service inspection and Risk Management company. We specialize in Residential and commercial inspections. And offer a PDF report with pictures, Recallchek and a 90 day warranty with all full home inspections. 1-575-706-5586 Call Clint McKie Today.
Furnace installation. They should loose their license. Home inspection in Artesia, New Mexico. When inspecting homes, there are a few things I find that really make my blood boil over. Like a really poor installation of electrical, water heaters and furnaces. These are being installed by licensed...
Up, Up and away. What not to do. Plumbing blunders. It's simply amazing some times, well a lot of times when inspecting homes what we inspectors find with the plumbing.  And they are proud of their work. I see it and you probably have too. The plumbers will write on the unit like the water heater...
Thirty Four years later, still nothing. Falling between the cracks. Yesterday I posted about the Complacency of home owners. See it here. Todays post is about a home that was built Thirty Four years ago. There had been a lot of changes to this home over the years. But I feel...
Complacent home owners. You buy the home, then you remodel the home possibly several times over the years of home ownership. Many home owners get used to the way the home is. They don't think of the issues the home has as much as time goes by. Less and less infact. Unless there is a person who co...
Plumbing issues and a "what now" thought. Just about every single home owner has ran into this issue when remodeling a home. "All I wanted to do is change out this or that and find other issues that needed to be repaired". I was looking at my friend's home offering a bit of advice on how to insta...
I found the main electrical panel. Not good for the seller. At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico, we try not to cite codes in many cases. There are codes for everything in and on the home. The codes are for a reason. Mainly the safety of the occupants of the home. But these codes...
Installing appliances and meeting code. Desert Sun Home inspections. On this recent home inspection in Artesia, New Mexico. I ran into a lot of "What the" issues. The home had been upgraded over the years. The Two furnaces and A/C units were installed in 2010. These "New units" should be to code ...
Sealing up roof penetrations. What not to do.  He's Baaaack. For those who follow my posts. You know I am talking about Uncle Bob and his new sidekick Nephew Willy. Because of all the added work Uncle Bob had taken on these days he was forced to get a helper. Who better to help than his nephew Wi...
Garage and built in apartment. Home Inspection in Artesia N.M. I was performing a home inspection for a buyer in Artesia, New Mexico. I had just finished with the home when I asked about the garage. Since I saw a structure on the rear of the property I asked if that was the garage. The Agent told...
Some times it just may be a small thing. Home inspection Artesia, N.M. At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. It's our job to find issues. Why else would you get a home inspection if you as a buyer or Realty agent not want to know the issues? The small things can add up. There are...

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