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Desert Sun Home and Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico 88220 is a full service inspection and Risk Management company. We specialize in Residential and commercial inspections. And offer a PDF report with pictures, Recallchek and a 90 day warranty with all full home inspections. 1-575-706-5586 Call Clint McKie Today.
Egress issues with the home. Desert Sun Home inspections Carlsbad, NM. Inspecting homes can be a very interesting job to say the least. With safety in mind first and foremost when inspecting. You can't help but get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when we find safety issues like th...
Seller, is this really an issue. Home inspection Hobbs New Mexico. When inspecting homes there are all kinds of buyers, sellers and agents. All of them have questions about the home and what is seen by the inspector as a defect of an "Issue" that needs more attention. Don't put that in the report...
Foundation on the move. Not once but twice. New Mexico has a history of shifting sands. We average 500 Earth Quakes a year. Earth seems to move at will. Although it moves so little at a time to add insult to injury New Mexico has about 500 Earth Quakes a year. Most are so small they are not felt ...
Added benefits for client's. The agents love this. This was one of the smartest moves I ever made with Desert Sun Home inspections. I am talking about the added benefit's of the 90 day warranty and the RECALLCHEK. When I decided to employ these new services. I knew in my heart I could not add the...
Exhaust venting done incorrectly. Safety issues abound. When inspecting homes the safety of the home comes first and foremost. Furnace and Water Heater! This furnace exhaust in the basement of a home built in 1910, was not installed properly. The exhaust venting for the furnace was not installed ...
This seems to be a trend in New Mexico. How about your area? I had read several posts about the calls Realtors get and wanted to share some of those with you that we at Desert Sun Home Inspections get from time to time. 1. Phone rings. "Hello this is Clint Mckie with Desert Sun Home Inspections h...
Home is finally done. Trust but verify inspection Hobbs New Mexico. Remember this home where the home owner wanted to get a 100% completion when it was not 100% completed? Now the home is done. All of the door hardware is in the appliances are done and the New shower doors and enclosures are inst...
Flipper home. Home Inspection in Artesia New Mexico. The last post about the flipper home was about the roof issue with the mis matched shingles. But what about the rest of the roof? There are other issues that need to be addressed with the roofs condition. After the repairs are made to the roof....
Garage's and apartments. They need to be correct. Safety issues. I had been running into a few of these homes that have a detached garage. That is a good thing. But when an apartment has been added to the garage. Then safety issues come into play. Many of these older garages were never finished o...
When is enough enough? Electrical issues that should not be. It only took 109 years for this home to get to this point. This home was built in 1905, started out with Knob and Tube wiring and then "Upgraded" to fiber coated lines then finally the standard Romex style was installed. But major issue...

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