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Desert Sun Home and Commercial inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico 88220 is a full service inspection and Risk Management company. We specialize in Residential and commercial inspections. And offer a PDF report with pictures, Recallchek and a 90 day warranty with all full home inspections. 1-575-706-5586 Call Clint McKie Today.
Heating season and attic ducting. The ducting needs to be connected. There are a lot of homes that Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico inspects that has for the lack of better words "Messed up" ducting in the attics. No time of the year could this be a good thing. In the fall, wint...
Issues and the safety factor. Have you checked your home this year?  At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We are really interested in the safety of the home. My last inspection post was about a furnace that was not connected correctly. The flue was not even connected to the fur...
Holiday season. Time to thanks the troops. It's really easy. Now is the time for remembering and thanking the troopps that serve all over the world. from the clerk in the states to a special op's and Navy seal team in anothe country half way around the world. Many of the Active Rain Members have ...
A deadly combination, furnace, smoke detectors and C O detectors. How many homes are in the Danger Zone when it comes to safety? In my opinion it's way too many homes. When ever Desert Sun home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico inspects homes for buyers or sellers. Safety is number one priority....
When the roof is on the move. Home inspection in Artesia, New Mexico. Homes move. They move a lot more than people think they do. The heating up and cooling off of the home makes the home move. Not to mention when you have a moisture issue that adds to the problems of a home. Take into account th...
Attend the home inspection. Home inspection in Carlsbad N.M. 88220 At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. 88220 There are tons of things I want to point out to a buyer. This is why I do want the buyer at the home inspection. I understand that sometimes they cannot make it. We all ...
Are attic's hiding a safety issue? Desert Sun Inspections Carlsbad, New Mexico. We have all heard just about everything in the book about why things are messed up in places we cannot readily see. Like in the crawl spaces and in the attic's of homes. These issues I find when inspecting homes are i...
Carbon Monoxide, furnace testing. Desert Sun Inspections Carlsbad. NM. Testing a furnace before the start up of the heating season is a really good idea. Especially the gas fired appliances in the home. The safety of the family is the biggest concern for any parent. Install a C O detector or serv...
Disposals and the improper way to connect them. It's simply amazing what I find when inspecting homes. At Desert Sun Home Inspections in Carlsbad New Mexico. We find all kinds of issues with homes and the safety aspect of the issues we find. Take into account a garbage disposal that was no doubt ...
Safety is number One. Desert Sun Commercial inspections Carlsbad, N.M. As always with my inspections I perform. Safety is number one priority for the owners and the buyers of homes and commercial property's. At a recent commercial inspection, the owners of a bowling alley were having major work d...

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