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Vancouver WA Real Estate and Home Ownership information and news. Homes for Sale in Vancouver WA, Luxury Home Brokers. Condo Broker, Relocation to and from Vancouver Washington and Camas WA. Clark County Economic information.
Closed Unit-Sales hit the Highest ever One-Month Mark; With the Now-Very-High Sales Prices not Increasing this month for Camas WA Real Estate in June 2021 This community has been the strongest performer in the County this past year;  with Unit Sales this month hitting 79 sold - the highest seen ...
A Modest Increase in Unit-Sales; while Prices Strongly at a High Level although Easing for Battle Ground WA Real Estate in June 2021  Battle Ground's hot real estate action is challenged by prices that have run up way too high and too fast, and we are now seeing a recent slowing to the overall r...
Extremely Robust Unit Sales combined with Continued Strong Price Rise (21%+) for Vancouver WA in June 2021. Active Inventory remains quite low despite a decent rise in New Listings (Supply). Mortgage loan rates remain below 3% causing prices for Real estate in Vancouver WA to rise about $10k ave...
Unit-Home-Sales continue to Out-Pace previous years action; with Sales Prices 33%+ Higher for Camas WA in May 2021 This modest sized community in SW Washington is experiencing a massive increase in Demand combined with relatively low inventory when compared to that Demand; resulting in drastical...
Unit-Home-Sales Up Strongly with Increase in Inventory; while Home-Sales-Prices Pause at a Very High Level for Battle Ground WA in May 2021 New Listings jumped strongly this month, with Pending Sales unable to "consume" all those new listings. With Closed Sales Prices already extremely high leve...
Unit Sales Double from Last Year; with Sales Prices Backing-Off from Recent Highs for Vancouver WA Condos in May 2021. Unit sales did Double (+1 unit over) this month compared to last year. Sale Prices continued to ease from their recent high; but, although up 21.5%+ over last year. Here are the...
Home Sales Prices Rocketing Up to a New High; as Unit-Home-Sales are 52% Higher for Vancouver WA in May 2021. Homes for Sale in Vancouver WA are "flying off the self" with the number of homes selling are 52% higher than this month last year, with prices $80k higher! Active Inventory is scarce at...
Unit-Sales are better than last year (but not 2 years ago) with Prices Strongly Up to Another All-Time High for Battle Ground WA Real Estate in April 2021 Of the communities in Clark County WA that we track, Battle Ground is now the most Over-heated of them all - with the highest increase in Pri...
Closed Unit-Sales more than Double Last Year's Mark; With No Pause to the Rapidly Rising Sales Prices for Camas WA Real Estate in April 2021 Unit Sales for last year were affected (driven lower) by the initial government shut-down Order(s) with this year's posting more than double what we saw la...
Unit Sales Blast-Off with Sales Prices In-Tow for Vancouver WA Condos in April 2021. An almost-Doubling of Unit sales was posted this month compared to the same month last year. Sale Prices eased slightly after rising like a skyrocket last month; but, are still up 25%+ over last year. Here are t...

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