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The Making Home Affordable program announced by the Department of the Treasury on March 4, 2009, includes a new initiative – Home Affordable Refinance – to provide refinance opportunities to borrowers with mortgages held or guaranteed by Fannie Mae. This initiative is for borrowers who have demon...
AP 2 Florida banks temporarily halting foreclosures Saturday February 14, 2:36 pm ET Pair of Florida banks joins national parade temporarily halting foreclosures MIAMI (AP) -- Two Florida banks are joining some of the country's largest lenders in temporarily halting foreclosures as the federal g...
I think a lot of us brokers were looking forward to the H4H loan last year as a possible life line to help us stay in business. Oh yeah, and there's that helping the borrower thing too. Well, i think on both accounts, this program is a bust. This program was seriously flawed from the beginning, a...
NEW YORK (AP) -- A deal to help head off more mortgage foreclosures pulled Wall Street out of a slump Thursday, giving stocks a mostly higher close. Democratic lawmakers reached an agreement with Citigroup Inc. on a plan to let bankruptcy judges alter loans in an effort to prevent home from going...
That's right, it's not a typo. Provided you have the right loan scenario (credit score above 720, ltv 80% or less, sfr, owner occupied), you can actually get a 15 year fixed rate at 4.25%. In addition, if you really wanted to be aggressive, you may be able to buy down the rate to around 4%. I hav...
depending on your loan scenario (credit score, ltv, down payment), you are now able to obtain a 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan @ 4.5%. these rates are available to anyone who qualifies, and they are not restricted to 1st time homebuyer programs.
I think the FDIC is beginning to get finally get it. Either that, or they are reading my blog. AP WASHINGTON -- Financial industry lobbyists are urging the Treasury Department to take steps to lower mortgage rates in an effort to stabilize the housing market. Under the proposal, Treasury would se...
The market took a big hit today, but along with it interest rates have come down as well. Not as much as they should, but its better than nothing. Even Hank Paulson has expressed the fact that he is not pleased that mortgage rates have not dropped further. Maybe the fed should step in and fix rat...
Thats right folks. The VA has recently changed it's guidelines to allow a veteran borrower to borrower 100% of their home's value on a cash out refinance loan. This is an increase from the previous maximum of 90%. You gotta love the VA, especially when FHA is decreasing their max ltv to 85% on a ...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! In spite of the sh*tty economy and real estate/ mortgage market, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Thought this was appropriate to add:   George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Al...

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