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 Sometimes, people can underestimate just how big an impact brilliant branding can have on a business. This time last year, pop star Justin Bieber was a rich kid with too much money and a bad attitude. Through branding revitalization, he is now seen as a talented young artists who is trying to be...
  How many times do you remember walking out of a job interview or meeting with a client and just not feeling like you nailed it? Did you feel like you didn’t quite get across just how personable and professional you can be? That very feeling is why first impressions are so important for business...
 Real estate agents everywhere have taken note of just how enormous an impact the internet has had on the business. Gone are the days of cold calling, billboards and business cards. Even the way eager buyers look for their dream house has changed -- which is why having great photos for your listi...
  Mary’s home was on the market for several months. She eagerly watched potential buyers coming and going, hoping one of them would feel at home and make an offer. Once the listing expired, her hopes started to diminish. Many realtors can get discouraged and shy away from a home that doesn’t sell...

Shaun Nilsson

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