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OK... The weather report said that we might get a slight dusting of snow today at 3:00pm.  Well...  The snow started falling at 2:43pm right on time.  It is still snowing!  We now have 4 inches in our area.  Boy is our Husky happy!!  We took him out for a walk tonight and he was leaping and bound...
Having a difficult time working around all of the busy holiday schedules to fit a showing in before the New Year?   Circle Shot Media ( has a solution for you!  We will create a Virtual Tour to showcase your home or business.  We will help you increase your showings...
Circle Shot Media wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas!!  We hope your day is filled with joy!  This is Duke.  He is our rescue dog.  This was Duke's 1st Christmas.  He is a happy boy!  
The tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung, the cookie and milk with a side of carrots and celery is by the chimney, the Christmas lights are on, and the kids are almost asleep!  What a night of anticipation the children go through with the whisper that Santa is in the air and Rudolf is in the l...
The stores are packed, the roads are full, and everyone is in a mad rush!!  I don't know about you, but I am ready for the big day to get here.  I do love the holiday's, I just don't enjoy the huge crowds of people fighting through the stores and roads like they are going to turn into a pumpkin i...
We welcome Duke to our family.  Duke was a rescue dog and we have adopted him.  When he came to us, he was about 55 lbs and completely emaciated.  His coat was shaggy and sparse.  He is now so beautiful and weighs @80 lbs of solid muscle.  We walk him 2-3 times a day and brush him nightly.  He is...
It seems as though the economy is on a slow upward climb, but we're not there yet!  This leaves Americans scrambling to find new innovative ways to market listings, products, and services.  Let us help you increase your sales!  Contact Circle Shot Media today to schedule your Virtual Tour today! ...
The weather has finally taken a turn and the temperature is rising again.  We didn't get any snow but it sure was cold for a couple of weeks!  I had posted some pictures a while back of a red barn and of the tree line at Vancouver Lake.  It was just before the winter temperatures hit our area har...
I see that it is cold pretty much everywhere!  Yes, the few exceptions are Florida and the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii.  I just happen to have property in Hawaii, but I have already gone this year.  I think next year I will plan for a winter vacation.   If we can't get there physically, ...
Wow!!  The temperatures around the world right now are absolutely crazy!!!  When I woke up today it was only 10 degrees outside. Perfectly sunny here with no clouds in the sky but still way to cold to go out and enjoy it!  If it is going to be this cold out why not just let it snow.  Speaking of ...

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