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Local marketing is a vital element of a strategic local marketing plan when it comes to real estate services. Without judicious placement of advertising, some basic search engine optimization, and citations, your business may never be found among local competitors. However, turning the tables on ...
Real estate is one of those industries that absolutely PROVE the adage about time being money. In fact, being the little monster that it is, time EATS your money when it is not tamed and controlled. The more efficiently you can manage your time across all of your (...endless...) responsibilities,...
I recently published my latest book "The Noose or The Gun? You Are Killing Your Marketing" and I would like to give you a FREE review copy. No gimmicks, no email lists, no surprise recurring fees!  In The Noose or The Gun? You Are Killing Your Marketing, I walk you through so...
While taking a break from my celebrity blog posts, I decided to post a blog about current research. The journal article that caught my attention is one that delves into the question; to focus on a real estate specialization or to generalize, which is more profitable? In the International Journal ...
  On this beautiful Tuesday morning, we hear from Queen on the key aspects of trust in marketing and ensuring that your target market understands your marketing message. Taking the time to make sure that your message is clear and consistent across marketing media is crucial to growing your busine...
 In this conversation with The Bangles band member Debbie Peterson, we discuss the importance of organizing your marketing strategy to get more done during the year. While most people are worried about just getting through the week, it’s top performers that step back to plan out their entire annu...
I don’t know why, but I am feeling a little frisky! I was listening to some music and suddenly got the writing BUG. So, I decided to write a few fun blogs about how you can improve your marketing and ROI in 2019. Well, I got a little carried away and a few posts became six blogs, so enjoy!!James ...
 5 Tips to Getting Started with a Marketing Strategy in 2019.  Michael Jackson: Wanna be startin' somethin' with your marketing? YOU SHOULD!! Twenty-five miles down the road and this time, you are thinking about how you are going to get eaten alive by your competition. “Save me” you say. Sorry, w...
How to optimize your website for search engines to attract your target market  Bee Gees: To whom it may concern, the main course of marketing is getting search engines to attract your target market, because it is essentially free advertising. We don’t live life in a tin can and the children of th...
How smart email marketing tactics can be applied to the real estate world  Ann Lennox: In the garden of competitive marketing tactics, there is not much peace when it comes to email marketing. What some call a “touch”, others call spam and it is becoming more difficult to use email marketing in a...

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