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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy



Our company name is All Mountain Realty. Our motto is Capturing the spirit of the mountains. This is rather an interesting concept.In todays world and with folks looking to move to the mountains ,What is the spirit of the mountains? I believe we are blessed in the North Georgia Mountains. The ble...
This weekend the doom and glooms were out again. This time it was 60 minutes. They did a show focusing on an area in California where the market truly looks frightening. I was left with a number of questions.1 The people who were making payments and were sub prime and were about to walk away I th...
There are tons of blogs and analysis about the Fed rate cut. There is anticipation of a new rate cut next week. But consumer do not understand the relationship of the rate cut to mortgage rates.Most consumers think a rate cut in the Fed funds market means lower mortgage rates. That is not always ...
For us year rounders in the mountains winter can be a tough time. Now it is not so tough as say being further North but still. It gets cold. Nights are even colder . Days are short.  Still if you are in communities like Big Canoe , Benttree, or Talking Rock Creek Resorts. There are things to do. ...
I read a Blog this morning by Jay Beckingham in South Florida. Basically he was talking about the 2 types of Sub prime borrowers. Type 1 borrowed, had fun, played, and went broke. Type 2 borrowed, fixed their credit, saved money, was good, and went broke. In the end Type 2 could not refinance bec...
I posted a blog with pictures for the first time the other day called Winter in the Mountains. Some of the responses I got asked about snow. Now wouldn't you know it. Here I am a couple of days later socked in with snow and some ice. Linda Carrig also wrote a blog about the snow today.This leads ...
Who says Mountain property has to be billy goat steep. There are some great valleys in the mountains. The picture above show a great setting . It is 61 acres . The pond is stream fed and full of fish. This is a winter picture and the pond has been recently dredged. So there is great top soil for ...
I am mostly optimistic. However recent events lead me to less than optimistic predictions for us and our economy. I have posted around this issue before but now it seems to be more and more becoming a reality.When something does not make sense then usually you are missing a piece. In this case wh...
I am a wordy cuss so with a little help from Rick I thought I would let the images do the talking.When you look out into the mountains the leaves are down. But the sky is crisp and blue. This is some of the best time to be in the mountains. You can see the land and what is around you. You are not...
Want proof that the so called housing crisis, mortgage meltdown, drag on the economy, is just that, so called, look at the paper. Either the folks at Band Of America are stupid or..... I am voting for not stupid.Yes they did get Countrywide cheap. But the bottom line here is that the guys and gal...

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