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Are you serious about learning how to get out of the "Rat Race?" The Charleston Real Estate Association will host their monthly CashFlow 101 Game on November 24th at Shoney's On Rivers Ave. in N. Charleston, S.C. For information or registration visit:  or call 843-200...
Investors will learn how to turn the current market adversity into opportunity CHARLESTON, SC (November, 2008) Much is being made of the housing market in Charleston and across the country, with the real estate bubble already burst and the mortgage meltdown adding to the woes. But smart investors...
As you can tell by the photo below, local Charleston voters, turned out in record numbers to support their candidates. I thought that I was being "smart" by getting to the polls early only to learn that voters were there, in line, an hour before the doors opened:) Two things that I noticed about ...
I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch and couldn't help but eavesdrop on the three "suits" at the next table. I had already figured out that they were stockbrokers ( I use to be a financial planner, too) when I overheard one of them blurt out: "I am telling you now is the time!" said the you...
Reason #1: Grandparents sometimes start celebrating Halloween early. Reason #2: Grandparents and grandchildren have more fun than the parents! Hope you have as much fun on Halloween as Emma-Leigh (8 months).  
"Monopoly on Steriods" That is the description most used to describe "Rich Dad Poor Dad" author, Robert Kiyosaki's board game that will change the way that you look at your finances and your life. Each month, we hold a friendly CashFlow 101 tournament in a relaxed setting so that our members can ...
CHARLESTON SC: -- Thirty five year old Joe Mercadante stumbled across a Free Real Estate Investing Report that has helped him create enough monthly income in 12 months to quit his high paying corporate job.       According to Joe, "I started investing in properties using the strategy outlined in ...
Recently, I was going thru some really old family photos and realized that in almost every photo of my Grandparents - they were working. My Grandmother ran a small rural country store; my Grandfather was a journeyman carpenter; they were always working, either on their jobs, on their house or in ...
The more they scare you...the more money they make! This was the photo that covered the entire top half of our local newspaper yesterday with a headline that read,  "DEPRESSION!" P-L-E-A-S-E! The insinuation was that "Times are as dire" now as they were back in the 30's during the Great Depressi...
On November 4th & 5th, local Masters-in-equity will auction 201 properties on the courthouse steps.  201 families, many of which have already abandoned their homes, will have to face the consequences of some bad choices.  One of them is a good friend of mine. "Bill" (not his real name of course} ...

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