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rest on (one's) laurels To rely on one's past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one's status or reputation.                                                                                                                                ( Not an actual real estate agent)   In ...
                                                                      I know that you didn't hear it here first but it is still true in 2010. Nice guys finish last. If you've been reading my blogs, you may have me pegged already. Infact I know there is  one like me in every office. I'm sure you k...
  I attended the weekly MOTIVATIONAL sales meeting this morning. It was great. Of course I did what you might have done. I looked around the room thinking, definitely not Standing Room Only! Where are they I wondered? I was thinking about how the teachers that taught my kids always told me the pa...
   In tribute to my Fathers, the earthly and the heavenly. I was raised in a large family and had super parents. My Dad is still with us. He is a person of great faith in GOD. He is 79 and wonderful as ever. In thinking of a way to pay tribute to him today I thought of his values. I thought of th...
       We"ve all heard them. Usually we hear them and because we are wise we keep on marching forward undetered,  in the direction our destiny SUCCESS! The famous last words of a fool.                                                              "Oh your into Active Rain. I've heard that doesn't ...
                There are times in our lives personally and professionally that we think of as mountain top experiences. Experiences that energize us, inspire us and shape us, by revealing greater possibilities and changing our direction. I'm in the middle of one of those right now as part of the...
Mimosas in sunset light. Arkansas is a beautiful place. I hope when you get the chance you'll come see for yourself.
  We've all had the experience. A client calls and it goes something like this, "Hey where's that email you said you were sending?" Or, "I called you last evening and you didn't call me back so I called Joe at Brand X he answered my question right away".  Communication is a subject we often have ...
I'll read with GREAT interest ANY blogs about lead generation. Well here it is folks. In the same way a yard sign often trumps all the e-marketing in the world the humble business card WHEN USED CONSISTENTLY, is in my opinion the best possible source of leads. What could be more 'organic? It's cl...
I stole a few minutes to read some inspirational blog posts this afternoon. Blogs about what inspires us, how we stay motivated, about not taking life to seriously and so on. Hey, it helps! So thanks all you positive minded A.R. bloggers. Here's one for you. Life is good here.  

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