During Creative Marketing Tactics To Propel Your Social Purpose, Adriana Dakin and Abigail Ahoude, Co-Leaders of ImaginePod, encouraged their 2021 Creative Playful Summit audience, while interviewing with Alyea Ssandovar, to: (1) figure out what you're good at, and find people who complement you ...
I love just saying the "T...T...T.." part of Test It, Tweak It and Try It Again: Micro-Launches Sell New Ideas, the lesson Maggie Giele offers in her 2021 Playful Creative Summit presentation. It just twirls off the tongue. She's applying it to marketing, and it's brilliant in that arena. I'm par...
Absolutely unbelievable. NAPO has a knockoff - there's a for-profit venture calling itself a society that certifies organizers by requiring its "certified" members to take a 12-module course, an 11-module course, fill out a form and get three testimonials. Certification never expires. Absolutely ...
IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm THRILLED and proud to offer Find and Honor Your Organizing Style (& Then It's About the Stuff), a 60-minute video I've pulled together to give people an organizing boost. Based on my years of experience, 100s of hours of continuing ed training, and work with hundreds of c...
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden had a powerful influence on me years before I became an Organizer, after a close friend asked me to read it so I could better understand her world. And now I can share a more informed opinion of the masterpiece. Women with Attention Deficit Dis...
I'm making my webinar, Finding and Honoring Your Organizing Style - And Then It's About the Stuff - available for purchase starting April 1. NAG me if you don't see it! Here's a peak -
Lifetime Advocacy Plus is an agency which provides a variety of guardianship services to its clients. I worked with them to a very slight degree in support of a client and I respect that client's judgement in having chosen this agency. I never had the slightest challenge working with the agency. ...
The next in my book review series, a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization for Professional Organizers (ICD = Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and Denslow Brown's The Processing Modalities Guide. Amazing books for my colleagues. WELCOME TO MY BOOKCASE
I'm pleased to say that I'm launching webinars to share my training, experience and values about organizing and its worth with as many people as possible. SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Julie Morgenstern is one of the works which most profoundly informs my work as an Organizer, and helped m...
Really. I cudda been a star. I trod the boards in purely amateur the-a-tre productions in college - I was a thoroughly convincing, perpetually-sloshed and grandly-rotund Friar Tuck my senior year. When I was in my late 30s, the director of a wonderful regional company in NYS tried to discover me ...

Lauren Williams, CPO, CVPO

Professional Organizer: Puget Sound homes
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