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I don't know what it is about March and April but I get dizzy with blossoming conferences and seminars, every year. This year:March 4 - 5, the Online Hoarding Disorder Conference of the International OCD FoundationMarch 10, the Connecticut Women's Consortium's Buried In Treasures: The Nature and ...
There are people who believe George Carlin was one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time. I happen to agree. He was also foul-mouthed, entirely irreverent, and I think he cared as deeply about the human race as a doctor looking for a cure for cancer. His observations on stuff were timeless ...
Chris Hanson, BS of Life Skills Advocate, partnered with Amy Sippl, MS, BCBA, has produced a thoughtful, far-reaching tool kit, The Real Life Executive Functioning Workbook: A Handbook of Exercises to Help Unique Learners for supporting neurodiverse young people as they attempt to master difficul...
Jerry Seinfeld offered a hilarious take on clutter on Jimmy Fallon's 12/24/2014 The Tonight Show. Happy Valentine's Day! And my deep gratitude to Kacy Paide, The Inspired Office, who blogged about this and it caught my attention.
Learned helplessness - creeping, crippling, and thankfully unlearnable. Learned helplessness is a state of mind in which a person powerfully believes s/he/they is unable to change their circumstances, whether it's to get good grades, keep oneself organized, get promoted, have a satisfying relatio...
I don't like real-life mysteries. I'll read fiction all day every day, cut my teeth on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, graduated to Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Lord Peter and Nero Wolfe. I avoid the real-life stuff at all cost.I'm reviewing some of my bookkeeping, which prompts this self-reflect...
Squid. My favorite cookbook of all time, and I can't give you the name - I'll explain later, has a recipe for squid. And it starts, paraphrased, "Everybody starts a recipe for squid with 'Clean the squid.' But nobody tells you how to clean the squid. Soooooo here's how you clean a squid."Chris Ha...
The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin was required reading for my Level II Time Management and Productivity Specialist Certificate from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. The book is amusing, challenging and ever-so-slightly intimidating. Levitin walks his readers through progressiv...
Bolt cutters 3′ tall. Weight 15lbs. I’m 5′ tall. I was swinging that thing around like it was a hotdog I was trying to keep from my son’s unruly dog, Bacon. And now I explain. I own a garden cart for work. Big basic black workhorse, carries 175lbs. Client taught me about mine two years ago to the...
For the first time ever, I forgot to check a potential client's address before I hit the road for a walk-through. Guess I could fly to Alaska. All joking aside, it's absolutely possible to create a virtual partnership with an Alaskan.