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Timeless, obsolete, excruciating, loving, required viewing - Packrat is a 2003 movie co-produced by Kris Britt Montag and Jessica Jennings, the two of them friends and adult children of fathers with (probable) hoarding disorder.Timeless because despite the film's age, when research into hoarding ...
In 2018, I posted about feeding Christmas trees to goats, which is now my favorite way EVER of disposing of Christmas trees. And now I get to urge people to dispose of landscape trimmings by bringing them to PAWS Wildlife Center, a rehabilitation agency currently in Lynnwood and moving to Snohomi...
Apologies. Life. I haven't posted since June 15. Illness off-and-on. The weather. A family member who's needed support. Some super-special, super-tiring clients. Being part of the team which converted my National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals chapter from a Seattle-base...
🍁🌺🌻🌷🌺🌼💐🏵💮 With your generous, thoughtful, very very kind encouragement, I'll be presenting my hoarding talk to colleagues of yours in Iowa the end of this month, others in Vermont in August and who knows what next year holds. I also found the courage to offer it to other affected professionals, a...
Last chance on Saturday June 17 to see my adopted softball team the Puget Sound Pronouns play FOR KEEPS!! They're at 9 wins and 10 losses and they want to pull ahead. Go cheer them on at North SeaTac Park (NST 2), SeaTac, 9:00AM. I'm going to my first drag show EVER at the celebrated Julia's on B...
I've been working more often with children again, something I've done with great delight since early in my career. It often comes about that I work with children in the course of partnering with the parents: first the parents, then the youngster(s). My youngest one-on-one client ever was five. My...
I won a raffle! I never win raffles. I attended the October 2022 Mental Health Association of San Francisco Redefining Crazy Conference. It is always amazing, I always learn something new. And I won a raffle for filling out the "How'd Ya like It?" survey. I won the CLA (Clutterers Anonymous) Lite...
Leah Farish, author, civil rights litigator, and host of the Conversation Balloons podcast, invited me to a free-ranging discussion of hoarding disorder and the people who suffer from this horrible mental illness on her May 17, 2023 broadcast on Spotify. Take a listen! 
Sometimes our brains are scary. The Endowment Effect is a good example. I'm quoting from the mini-encyclopedia of"This bias occurs when we overvalue something that we own, regardless of its objective market value (Kahneman et al., 1991). It is evident when people become r...
Check out the recent Redfin article Casual Uncluttering was featured in: The Ultimate Room-by-Room Decluttering Checklist | RedfinCreating a decluttering checklist is an excellent way to begin organizing your home and simplifying your life. Along with helping you take stock of your belongings, li...

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