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82 pages. Bigger than some of my favorite books. Going in recycle as fast as I can dump it, unless I decide it's kindling for my fireplace. I feel awful this morning, who knows why. I am finding it impossible to focus on the important work I urgently need to start, let alone finish. It is just no...
  NAPO Washington State volunteers sorted potatoes for two hours for Food Lifeline in Seattle. We had a lot of fun, despite the cold!
The Story of Stuff Project is an awesome, stubborn, effective San Francisco USA-based non-profit which strives to open eyes and minds to the dangers of common consumable pollutants such as plastic bottles and junk mail. Launched in 2007 with an online documentary, The Story of Stuff, its product ...
I think Kim and Penn Holderness are hilarious. And a great reminder that we're all human. You better believe I'm a subscriber. And I LIKE, or HAHA, a lot. They've also got FABULOUS ADHD content. You'll understand the shoe reference if you watch all four clips... It's a Pretty Good Box Weird Thing...
Homeward Pet Adoption Center is open for drop-in donations! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's probably been true for a long time again now but I've been sooooooo going in a 1,000 different directions for 1,000 different reasons I (1) kept forgetting to look; (2) was scared to look in ca...
In tribute to one of my mentors, Anne Blumer of Solutions for You, who is retiring after an incredibly-inspiring career - another first. A client asked me to just sit in a chair. It's HARD!!!
Another professional first - helping a client find a baby snake who escaped her enclosure. Who, fortunately, turned out to just be sleeping in a very hidden spot and not escaped at all. YAY!!!
A long-long-long-term colleague, Maria Spetalnik, CPO, Conquer the Clutter, has written her second!! edition of Hoarding for Law Enforcement and Other Public Officials.Pair it with The Hoarding Handbook: A Manual for Human Service Professionals by Christiana Bratiotis, Christina Sorrentino Schmal...
Who, you ask, is Victor Gruen - NOT a J. Gordon Lippincott? In the commercialized cacophony that is the "Holiday Season" leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, I felt compelled to learn more about the inventor of the modern shopping mall. And it was my sheer dumb luck that the Austrian Embassy in ...
Italian Wedding Bell Soup is ambrosial, one of the best soups ever simmered by humankind. Complex, toothsome, I've had it in restaurants where the balance of flavors and textures left me swooning at its perfection, and I cheerfully savor an overly-commercialized bowl from a  billion-dollar conglo...