Clutter Buddies are soul mates. Or, at least, really really kind, patient, generous and compassionate people - people you meet in a support group, Professional Organizers, friends, family - who are willing to sit with you, or banter on the phone with you, or let you check in with them by text, as...
It's a very very very satisfying day when your work in a mouse-infested, trash-strewn, dangerously cluttered space helps your client family put up the Christmas train display.
Single-use plastic carryout bags are banned in Washington State as of January 1, 2021 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5323).  And it's going to cost us - the legislation requires retailers to charge a fee, until at least December 31, 2025, to anyone who doesn't bring reusable tools who'll there...
I haven't blogged in darn close to a month. I've been slogging through knee-deep mud, everything from revamping some of my tools for communicating with clients to research for a committee-in-formation for one of my professional societies. Sometimes you just have to watch your step, avoid distract...
 Garbology Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes is a painful examination of America’s rapport with rubbish. It’s easy to generate refuse, toss it in recycle and walk away. Dishearteningly, everyday citizens’ well-meaning efforts to recycle waste are, at least as of Garbology’s 2012 pu...
Machines can’t crochet. A client taught me that. Looping my chain on-line, sleuthing taught me that no one can build a machine which can pattern and manipulate needles with the complexity of the weaves our hands stitch. There is a contraption shamelessly dubbed a crochet machine, but, in fact, it...
It's a crystal-edged line between bragging and providing information sometimes. I've just finished a very preliminary introductory course to Motivational Interviewing (MI), an incredibly powerful way of framing conversations to allow a person, whether a service provider, a sports coach, a teacher...
I had the pleasure of contributing to another online article: "15 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Basement Right Now" by Sarah Crow for April 24, 2020 Best Life's Smarter Living column. I haven't owned a basement in a while, but oh the (bad) memories....
Support can come in many forms. It's not always easy to find. I'm not a member of 2e Seattle, but I wish I'd known about it when I needed it. 2e Seattle is a network for parents of twice-exceptional children; children who are both highly intelligent and challenged by learning differences. To say ...
Did you know there are better and worse ways to hold a conversation? I’ve touched on it in another post. But I’m starting a beginner’s course in Motivational Interviewing, a rigorously studied method (1,000+ examinations as of this writing), which is adding myriad nuances to my understanding of t...

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