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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and my wife and I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.
Falmouth Real Estate Lookers Are REALLY Turkeys! - Looking For A New Roost With the weather taking a turn toward the winter temps, weekend visits to Cape Cod in search of real estate are left to the serious buyers!  Today the traffic around our downtown Falmouth office was actually turkeys.  We d...
Real Estate Data Is Only As Good As The Source AND The Interpreter   The cleanest data is found in the actual MLS.  Any reliance on a data provider that is not the actual MLS may cause mistaken conclusions. Correct data in any reporting process is important. It is especially important when lookin...
When Should I List My Property For Sale? or What Is The Real Estate Market Doing?   The answer to those questions will depend on where you are, what your price point is, and the condition of your property. These three factors can be discussed with a local real estate professional for the best ans...
Falmouth MA Real Estate Activity   Does there seem to be more activity this year than last year in Falmouth MA? The answer can be found in the data that comes from the Cape And Islands MLS. The graph below indicates a pretty steady market here in Falmouth - for listings and sales.   Of course pri...
The Barnstable County Registry of Deeds reports real estate data monthly.  The data for the month of September was up and down.  When you look at the numbers, the total numbers are off, but the average values are up for month of September. There were 609 deeds recorded at the Barnstable Registry ...
How many homes are for sale in Falmouth MA? We get asked that question often. The answer is around 400 single family homes at any given time. The graph below shows the number of Falmouth homes for sale, under agreement and sold over each of the last 5 years. Falmouth is one of the largest towns o...
Cape Cod Waterfront Luxury Real Estate - This Property IS the Definition. If you have been waiting for the right elegant waterfront property, your wait is over! This is one of the most spectacular locations I have encountered on Cape Cod. Whether you want a sunset view or a sunrise view, this exc...
The data is out and Holly Coker is One of Cape Cod's Top 20 Real Estate Professionals!  Of course I am a proud spouse, so here's to you Holly!  Lots of fun work and effort to help people find or sell great luxury properties on Cape Cod went into achieving this success. There is a website that pub...
Reverse Mortgage - Its not just for staying in your current home. I recently closed a transaction where the couple who bought the home, used a reverse mortgage to purchase the new property.  The wife had been concerned that the cost of a normal mortgage would be hard for her to keep up with in th...
Is Your Brain Melting? With Parkinson's or Alzheimer's - Maybe. Do you know someone with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's? If you can't remember the first name of a client, or where you put your keys, or where you are, your brain may have melted a little. If you are more wobbly, or loosing function in ...

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National/Local real estate topics, Cape Cod and the Internet. Cape Cod real estate company; and a national real estate web site REindex.com, The Site Engine® for other listing agents/brokers at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.

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