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National/Local real estate topics, and Real Estate and the Internet topics. I write about the real estate business on Cape Cod and about the Internet. I am a real estate Broker, and my wife and I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.
How to Choose a Contractor in 2024 - The Don'tsHiring a contractor for home renovations or construction projects can be a daunting task. Entrusting your home and investment to someone requires careful consideration and research. While there are many reputable contractors out there, it's essential...
Before You Sell - Check Your Falmouth MA Permit Records Yesterday, at the Falmouth MLS Tour meeting, we found out about a new process initiated by the Town of Falmouth MA. They're now requiring any work done on your property that needed a permit to be officially acknowledged through their permit...
Wrong Reporting: Real Estate Commissions Unchanged, Terminology ShiftsThe Newest NAR "Settlement" Does Not Universally Change the Amount of Real Estate Commissions as is being widely reported.Commissions in real estate agreements have always been negotiable.The Newest NAR "Settlement" DOESN'T Cha...
Do Home Buyers Need Buyer Agents?Or Navigating the World of Real Estate - Your Guide to Agents and AttorneysBuying or selling a house might sound like a grown-up task, but understanding a few key roles can make the process much easier. Let's break it down into simple terms that are easy  to quick...
Check Your Voter Registration Quickly and EasilyA Quick Guide to Checking Your Voter RegistrationIn the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to overlook the simple yet crucial task of checking your voter registration status. If you've recently moved or changed your address, it's especially import...
Time to Sell?  The New Job Report Numbers 2024 vs. 2007 and the Real Estate Effects.Thus is a summary of a recent report labeled by Zero Hedge as the "most ridiculous jobs report in recent history".  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claimed a blockbuster job growth of 353,000 in the U.S. for ...
The Barnstable County real estate market in January 2023 showed some notable shifts compared to the previous year. The median list price for homes in the area dropped from $850,000 in 2022 to $799,000 in 2023. This decrease may indicate a softening of the market or a shift towards more affordable...
Are property values on Cape Cod going to fall?The obvious factors that could potentially lead to a decline in property values on Cape Cod, are:    Economic recession: IF the local economy enters a recession, it could lead to a decline in property values as fewer people will be able to afford to b...
A real opportunity to be heard about Affordable Housing in Falmouth MA. The Falmouth Chamber of Commerce and Barbara Schneider have organized a listening session with the residents of Precinct 4 to hear your views on affordable housing. After a brief presentation by Town of Falmouth MA Housing Co...
Does Covid Relief Act Protect from Foreclosure and/or Eviction?Covid Cares - Foreclosure Relief Eviction Relief - Or Not?This week I saw a property come back on the market after it was under agreement. It was a property that some of our buyers had an earlier agreement in place to buy. The propert...

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National/Local real estate topics, Cape Cod and the Internet. Cape Cod real estate company; and a national real estate web site REindex.com, The Site Engine® for other listing agents/brokers at no cost to them. I make a living listing and selling real estate on Cape Cod.

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