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Articles covering my random adventures through real estate sales and property management in the greater Puget Sound region. Plus I try to add some valuable content now and then. Enjoy!



This blog post is reaching out to you, the seasoned, real estate professionals.  I've only been a real estate professional for about 4 years now.  Fortunately, I feel I've been able to experience a wide variety of properties and clients.  My highest listing was $1.5 million and my lowest (is a cu...
Most of you can recall the days before cell phones, laptops, tablets and the like.  I regularly reminisce about the days before email.  Only using a phone and fax to communicate for business.  People didn't expect an IMMEDIATE response to the routine inquiries.  We functioned just fine as a socie...
With the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi today, it made me think how the athletes can inspire and motivate us to accomplish great things for our real estate business this year.  Consider the mental and physical preparation that the athletes endure leading up to their events.  Their int...
I just have to share a recent story with you about a transaction I had last year.  My 6-year old daughter befriended the granddaughter of a neighbor and invited her over to play at our house one day.  When her mother (I'll use the name "Ann") came by to pick her up, it was the first time she and ...
    If you are not familiar with the differences between the West and East sides of Federal Way, click here for some valuable information and statistics: It is so easy these days to do your homework on potential new neighbor...

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