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Real estate investors are afraid to buy and are unable to secure funds due to the foreclosure crisis and falling property values. A new program, including private financing, promises an answer. With so many supposed bargains, there is very little buying going on. Acquisition Affiliates, LLC propo...
Lease option used to be the strategy of choice but no more. NOW is a good time to be buying real estate…Believe it or not. Interest rates are still at historic lows and better yet, property prices ARE coming down. This is why it is a great time for those who would like to pursue one of the best i...
Even experienced real estate investors can make serious mistakes and end up in big trouble. Beginners are even more vulnerable with the rapidly shifting market that exists today. Gaining knowledge and working as a team is the way to survive in these difficult times. There are a few mistakes that ...
Acquisition Affiliates, LLC (A2LLC), a Michigan company, opened its doors for business on November 20, 2007 to answer the many needs of the real estate market, especially in Michigan where foreclosure rates are among the highest in the nation. The principles noticed that even though there are man...

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