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As a native New Mexican, I'm living the dream in the City Different, which is local's pet name for Santa Fe. Since I was six years old, growing up on a farm in very rural northeastern New Mexico, I've wanted to live here, and now I do (finally made the move in 2012)! I have a successful real estate business here, so my blog will contain lots of tips on that side of my life. But I also just love New Mexico and Santa Fe, so I want to share as many helpful hints on how to live like a local, whether you're coming for a weekend visit or planning a lifetime here.
I'm sitting here on January 1, nursing a very tiny hangover from some really nice bottles of Silver Oak that I shared with friends last night, thinking about 2017. Dreaming really, once again, of having a year that's supremely well-organized, in which I follow up diligently with every new potenti...

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