If you are buying, selling, or living in an Atlanta area neighborhood, you are familiar with a Neighborhood Homeowners Association. (HOA) The HOA is a fact of life. The intention of the HOA is simple: Keep the integrity of the neighborhood Have a written plan for violations of covenants Promote t...
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We are nearing the end of a very busy 2013 housing market. What a change from previous years! Even though houses are selling at a much higher rate than last year, I need to caution the sellers.  The selective buyer is alive and well! They watch HGTV, keep up with the latest trends in design, and ...
Just attended a continuing education class hosted by DS Murphy and Associates. They do appraisals, as well as, consultation appraisals. There is no doubt that the Atlanta metro market has seen a well deserving swing upwards in pricing.  What that has done for homeowners is give them a sense of op...
Some words of wisdom from my Dad: Be a good husband and father Be kind to other people Tighten down the nuts and bolts on your garage door?????   I happened to look at my own garage doors today and noticed how many nuts were loose. Matter of fact a couple of the nuts were missing.  Lack of mainte...
It is that time of year when I hear the following from our clients: Time to take my home off of the market. Don’t want my home on the market during the holidays. Nobody looks at homes this time of year. I will wait until spring to relist the home.   I decided to run some statistics from my home c...
A lot of great local events for the holidays. North Georgia, one hour north of Atlanta, is alive for the holiday season. Come up and see us!  
How well do you know your pipes? If you know them as well as I do then you need a professional to help. Yesterday a representative from BPG Home Inspections spoke at our KW Team Meeting. He did a quick overview, with pictures, on some plumbing issues that they encounter. His emphasis was the new,...
Yes a strange title for a blog but follow my thought process.   Your seller negotiates his or hers bottom price for the sale of their home. They feel like they are "giving their home away" and will not go a penny lower. Then the buyer has the home inspected. A few days later the seller receives a...

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