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New for 2009 with FHA Jumbo Loans are some changes to the second appraisal requirements for FHA Jumbo Loans.  For FHA Jumbo loans the threshold for loans that require a second appraisal was those loans over $362,800 in 2008.   The new Threshold for 2009 is $417,000.   All FHA Loans $417,001 and a...
Equipment Leasing - Upgrade or Purchase new equipment for your Business.   Even in this tough economic climate, we still have Business Equipment Leasing readily available for Business owners to Purchase, Upgrade, or Modernize their equipment needs.   Commercial leases save you money in more ways ...
Exciting Opportunities abound for Real Estate investors in California.   While I would agree that our housing prices were way over heated the past few years, one fact remains constant about California Real estate:  It is still in high demand.  It always will be.  It is the Golden State for more r...
VanDyk Mortgage offers FHA Streamline refinances with No Appraisal Required.   This a great way for families with FHA Loans who purchased a home in the past couple years or who may have refinanced their FHA Loan in the past couple years an opportunity to take advantage of today's low interest rat...
FHA Purchase myth #4 - Down Payment Assistance is gone.  There is much confusion about the recent demise of FHA seller funded Downpayment assistance.  Many Homebuyers and Realtors alike are confused by the press coverage.   You can still receive credit for closing costs, recurring & non-recurring...
FHA Streamline Refinance - What is the Minimum time elapsed since home purchase before eligible for and FHA Streamline Refinace?.   This is a subject of great interest to recent home buyers who took advantage of the benefits of FHA loans to purchase their new homes.  Well, rates have dropped sign...
VanDyk Mortgage now allows FHA Streamline Refinances ABOVE new 2009 loan limits. I just posted another blog on this issue, but I thought it was very important to very, very clear. VanDyk Mortgage will allow you to refinance your FHA Loan via the FHA Streamline Refinance even if your loan balance ...
I just wanted to post something real quickly about FHA Streamline Refinances - They are an exceptionally easy way to save money on your monthly house payment.    With FHA Streamline Finances you have reduced documentation requirements such as No Appraisal, or No Income.   These are very easy to p...
I have decided to consolidate most of my Blog posts on this site.   However,  I have posted many helpful & informational FHA Blog posts on two other Blogs,  FHAsecure, and FHA Jumbo.   You may want to check them out.   VanDyk Mortgage has been making FHA loans since 1987. We are a HUD recognized ...
With the new 2009 Loan limits, many Homeowners have found they have a FHA Loan that is actually at a higher principal balance than the new 2009 FHA Loan limit for their area, limiting their ability to refinance into the new lower rates available today. For instance, if you purchased a home with a...

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