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Mortgage and Lending - Bridgepoint Mortgage - NMLS #324192
If you are looking to build and finance a primary residence, vacation home or investment property, we offer a competitive construction-to-permanent loan custom tailored to fit you. You can even finance the land prior to building your new home.  Key highlights include: Loan amounts from $100,000 t...
WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS, CHALLENGES  BECOME   OPPORTUNITIES   Through a common-sense underwriting approach we provide short and long term loan to meet the unique needs of property investors. Our aim is to help you capitalize on growing opportunities.    These flexible lending guidelines can be used...
Just because you have so-so credit doesnt mean you can't qualify for a mortgage. You know the saying, bad things happen to good people. Credit scores can be affected by medical bills, increase in family size, divorce and so many other reasons that were not due to mismanagement of funds. Lending g...
ARM Your Buyer For Success! The average homebuyer will only live in their home for less than 7 years. Think about a 7 or 10 year fixed rate. Your buyer can still be in the 3’s! Does the Seller Get the Point? If they are stuck on a 30 year fixed, ask the seller to pay points on your buyers mortgag...
"And while collectors may insist that you pay the full balance you owe over time, they may actually prefer to get a smaller, lump-sum payment"Most debt collectors will settle for a smaller percentage of what you actually owe. You can also set up very reasonable payment plans for past due balances...
It is a common misconception that lending guidelines are too restrictive. The fact of the matter is that most banks and direct lenders have tight overlays that prevent buyers from obtaining a mortgage. You may have heard that FHA and VA cannot be done under 640. Maybe you heard that non-prime fin...

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