If Darwin Would Have been a Real Estate Agent

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An exploration into how evolution shapes today's homes buyers and sellers
Does anyone know whether the $8,000 credit can be used by a first-time home owner to build a new home?  If so, do you have a reference?
Are you motivated now? The mind can not grasp negative affirmations.  We do not become motivated by them.   I can see that you are a bit confused.  "I will stop smoking" in phrased in the negative, while "I am a non-smoker" is a positive affirmation.  "I will loss 10 pounds" is negative, while "I...
Why do real estate agents get paid so much?  It only took you three weeks to sell my house, why should I pay you the full commission?  You didn't have to spend much to sell my house, shouldn't I get a break on the commission?  You've heard hundreds of these. We are always justifying are worth - I...
Riddle me this: I touch but don't feel; look but don't see; eat but don't taste, listen but do not hear - who am I? I astonish at the power of hypnosis.  Have you seen one of those shows where some of the audience if hypnotised?  The subjects do crazy things for the entertainment of the audience,...
Greed and envy.  You've watched the nature channel where the lion kills this huge animal - enough to feed the entire pack.  He protects his kill, and he alone eats until he is full.  We have two dogs in my household.  When we feed them, the one dominate dog will want both dishes of food even thou...
You will have to read all the way to that final period to learn how this applies to real estate.  Sorry.  Participants in a clinical trial had to experience an unpleasant event and then immediately write down their feelings and rate how unpleasant it was.  After several weeks had passed, the part...
We real estate brokers may resemble our ancestor, but there is definitely a split in our family tree.  Ironically, as Charles Darwin would be turning 200 years old, we are experiencing our greatest evolutionary transformation. For years our ancestor thrived on the low hanging fruit and tall green...
Historic home located on the most historic block in Beaver Dam. All of the character remains in this lovely, large 4 bedroom Victorian. Beautiful stained-glass artwork throughout home, wonderful ornate fireplace, front and rear staircase with front being open and ornately designed. Pocket doors a...
I wish I had a million bucks! I hope some day to retire.  I'm going to try to lose weight.  And the big one: I'll be happy when I retire. What do all of these statements have in common?  Do you see a problem with them?
I have always hated it when a prospective seller's first question is about commission.   Do you ever get those phone calls where they don't even say their name or form a complete sentence - only: "how much you charge for selling a home?"  It truly offends me to reduce everything I do, everything ...

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