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Nashville Urban Neighborhoods: Germantown, Hope Gardens, Historic Buena Vista & Salemtown Nashville's first suburb was Germantown, just north of the Nashville skyline. When I moved to Nashville from a small town just east, I got lost in what I considered a wretched neighborhood called Germantown....
I wanted to start sharing with fellow agents some of my favorite things I continue to come across in the "outside of real estate" world that apply well into the real estate marketing world.  This will be the first entry.  Expect many more in the future. My recent favorite application is
The talk on the street is how's the real estate market. Every time I meet an agent (new touch or old colleague), stories typically go down the road year is going so bad. I've tried and tried to not be the happy guy at the funeral, but honestly I'm tired of it! I love this mar...
I was watching "Don't Forget The Lyrics" on FOX a few seasons ago, passively, when I heard a country accent say, "I was the Tomato Queen." I perked up immediately to see one of our former "Queens" of the East Nashville festival was on one of my favorite game shows and was part of my favorite eve...
I was driving today from my hotel in Vegas to the airport. The cabby asked me about where I lived which of course lead to my official Chamber of Commerce Nashville schpill. After I shut up, I started thinking about what I don’t like about Nashville. It made me think about starting a list of shops...
One of the things I am most interested in when visiting a new city is knowing where the "real" places to eat are.  Here's my inside scoop to Nashville.  Now, keep in mind, these are the best Nashville-only places. Best Meat and Three:  Arnolds ($) (downtown), Sweats (Farmer's Market and TSU) ($$)...
Today, Jeremy and I had lunch at Batter’d and Fried in the Five Points area of East Nashville. I’ve, embarrassingly, been eating there three or four times a week, hiding from my trainer and the South Beach Diet. The Five Points District is the hub of East Nashville activity, located less than one...
When I moved to Nashville from a small town just east, I got lost in what I considered a wretched neighborhood called Germantown. I remember driving through the streets trying to find the then I-265 and being yelled at by the residents to get out. Now over a decade later, this neighborhood has ov...
The cliché “A Church On Every Corner” is absolutely true in Nashville. The smorgasbord of religion and non-religion varies, however, from corner to corner. I can only attest to certain pockets. If you’re looking for star sightings and amazing music, check out Christ Church on Old Hickory Boulevar...

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