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Brandon Patton is the Designated Broker/Owner if Real Estate Market Leaders located in Richland Washington. He specializes in Tri Cities Homes for Sale.
This home has a great view. If you are looking for a custom home with a great view you need to see this home. Click here to get more info. To view other great homes in the area click here! You can also click here to seach for anyhome or any pricerange in Tri Cities!   Please visit the links abov...
This home is still availible. For more info click here! To View other great homes for sale in Pasco Washington click here! You can Search every home for sale in Tri Cities Just click here!
It seems like people seem to think endorsements are a good idea. I think it is strange that there is people out their promoting the idea of saving money and trying to help people financially that are only willing to endorse you if you pay them large sums of money! It seems like it would fit their...
Washington State Bale out money!      The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act was a very good program for my community. In Eastern Washington we received $1.96 billion for cleanup at the Hanford Site (Top 10 in the nation) . This money created high paying jobs for 4,000 people that decided to ...
Social networking I have started the social network path in Tri Cities to try to promote my business and I have found that you have to be careful were you are promoting your business to prevent a possible negative spin on your advertising. For Example,  my first response was to go to Face Book an...
Marketing When you are a small business owner it is easy to spend more on marketing than you make in profit. I was talking about my 2011 marketing plans with a friend of mine and he said, "Maybe you should get a $1 Million Dollar credit card and buy a 30 second Real Estate commercial during the S...
Fix it up or sell it? It seems like a lot of people are always asking should I fix up my house before I sell it or should I try to sell it as it is. Well, to answer this question I would say that the skill level of the person doing the work and the amount of free time that is needed to accomplish...
A good home buyer gets prepared before they look! The First thing a home buyer in Tri Cities should do is talk with a mortgage broker about their financial situation and what their best options are for buying a home. Each home buyer will have different resources available that should be identifie...
If you want the best experience possible with your Tri-Cities Real Estate transaction then try working with Brandon Patton with Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders. Brandon created a Tri-Cities Real Estate company that was designed to save clients money. So, Instead of paying up to 6% in Real E...

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