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I probably just haven't been around long enough but this is the first time I have run across Facebook Friday, but I'm loving it already!  Of course it doesn't hurt that our good pal Jerry Newman including my Facebook business page this week :)  Please stop by Jerry's original blog post and leave ...
Very nice home in a quiet neighborhood in Burleson, TX.  This home features an open concept with the kitchen open to the living area which is great for families as well as entertaining.  The floorplan actually creates a feeling that the home is larger than the 1674 square feet that it actually is...
Buying a home in Arlington, Texas. So you’ve taken that first important step and made the decision to purchase a home in Arlington, TX.  What next?  Whether this is your first home purchase or your 5th, here are a few tips that can help anyone shopping for a home.   Determine what you need and wa...
 You know what the flood map says, but do you know reality?  When you buy a home, your lender is required to have the FEMA flood map checked to see if you are in a mandatory flood insurance zone.  Of course this is assuming you are getting a loan and not making a cash deal.  You may find out that...
  Is it 2012 or 2012?  You’ll have to excuse me if I missed another inquiring blog about the most correct way to verbalize the years in our current millennium.  But this is a subject that has been on my mind since Twenty-O-One.  Why not 2000?  Well nobody is going to say Twenty-O-O, so the only w...
  This is a follow up to my blog post from 12/5/11, “Who has the best burger in Arlington, TX?”.  I ended that post in a kind of tongue-in-cheek way by saying Whataburger was the winner of In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys.  Honestly I would be just as likely to go get a Whataburger when I want a goo...
It's that time of year to start thinking about what worked for you and what didn't in 2011.  This is actually a post from last year at this time by Josh Harley.  His questions are still relevant today.  If you're curious how Josh's 2011 went, just ask him.  I bet he would be happy to talk about w...
This is a really good question by David and I'm hoping we can get him some more suggestions.  Please comment back to David's original post. I am confused and looking for some help. Having this Blog show up on Active Rain will automatically get some hits from the AR community.  However, I've notic...
  It was a great season for the Martin Warriors of Arlington, TX!  The Warriors went all the way to the State Quarterfinals of the Texas High School Football Playoffs this year.  After defeating Midland, San Angelo Central, and the nationally ranked Euless Trinity Trojans, the Warriors fell just ...
  Take care of your home this winter.  If I hadn’t already figured out that winter was here before I stepped out in the bitter cold this morning, well I definitely know now.  Even here in Texas, where we see ridiculously high temperatures in the summer, it’s gets down right cold in the winter and...

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