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In a recent ruling the Massachusetts Supreme Court changed how people slipping on ice and snow on your property was handled.  The prior law read that if you, as a home or business owner, chose not to clear the snow or ice off of your property it was ruled as it was an “act of nature” and you wer...
The short sale process explained in detail. Most homeowners that I come across are absolutely overwhelmed at the very thought of a short sale. The paperwork is very similar to what is required when applying for a mortgage. If you are a homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage payment and have ei...
Foreclosures are here and in full speed.  We all must know someone that has or is going through financial trouble and is unable to pay their mortgage.  But the story I just read absolutely takes the prize for being the longest pending foreclosure that I have ever heard of. In life if you don’t s...
In a recent article by Inman News it is reported that due to the treasury's failure to take action and re-allocate the HAMP program less than 1/5th of the number of borrowers were assisted and funds originally allocated were used. The program was set up to give the lenders the money to modify tr...
December 12, 2010 I recently received an email from a person who was very distraught over the necessity of having to go through a short sale.  The simple fact of needing the short sale was very upsetting to her, but she was also upset over the fact that she was told that she would not be able to ...
Please take a moment and watch the 2nd in a 10 part series on short sales. After having successfully completed well over 50 short sales and having 16 currently pending I am uniquely skilled and qualified to assist in handling even the most challenging of situations.
At this very moment I have 23 active short sale files.    I just wanted to let that sentence sink in.  Give it the attention and thought that it deserves.  That is a good number of active short sale files.  Not bragging or looking for accolades just want you to realize how many files I work on at...
As most of my readers know by now I specialize in short sales. Many agents claim to be an expert but when asked to show their numbers or show professional referrals, they cannot. I handle the short sales for many agents in my office as well as for several local attorneys, and have even stepped i...
There is a new rule from FHA concerning foreclosed properties that are being sold within 90 days of the foreclosure that you need to be aware of going forward. If a property was foreclosed within 90 days of being resold (P&S date not closing date) and is being sold at a price of at least 20% or m...
According to an Inman News Report foreclosure sales (properties that are purchased either already bank owned OR have already started the foreclosure process and need lender approval) have dropped 4.9% from Quarter 1 and over 20% from the same quarter last year.  Is that a sign that we are on the ...

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