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Barbara Le Pine: Selling homes on the Central Oregon Coast. Here you will find a colorful mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, I am a Lincoln City realtor, Otis Realtor, Gleneden Beach Realtor, Depoe Bay Realtor, Otter Rock Realtor, Beverly Beach Realtor, Agate Beach Realtor, Newport Realtor, Yaquina Bay Realtor, Toledo Realtor, South Beach Realtor, Seal Rock Realtor, Waldport Realtor, Alsea Realtor, Tidewater Realtor, and Yachats Realtor.



Many whitewater oceanviews are sitting in a flood zone, which requires an extra insurance payment every year.  If they are up high enough to be out of a flood zone, they often have cliff erosion issues to worry about.  I present to you an excellent example of a quality home listed at $ 429,000.0...
I have been showing property all week to buyers who drive a Prius, use recycleable bags at the store and talk about renewable energy. Yet, when I showed them homes with a "dated" kitchen, they immediately grimaced and said, "Get me outta here, that kitchen is atrocious! Look at the Brady Bunch d...
Anglers from all over are headed to the Central Oregon Coast this time of year to enjoy the fall Salmon fishing season. One of the most popular places to go is Yaquina Bay in Newport Oregon. On any given weekday in the fall, there are boats lined up at the ramp, ready to try their luck on the 12...
Wow, that was fun. Glad you could join me in a late afternoon soiree to celebrate this milestone! Now I will get back to work so I can get my transaction closed in escrow tomorrow. Here is a photo of the exciting Oregon coast for your reading enjoyment, I gotta go sell something before it gets da...
When I write a Buyer's repair addendum and send it to a seller, I expect them to respond in writing, showing that my addendum was received by the seller, along with the sellers written response. Invariably, I always get a phone call or an email from the agent asking whether my buyer will settle ...
While showing a home in Salishan on the Central Oregon Coast this week, I came upon a very curious sight.  Fuzzy looking dirt stuck to the siding. Hmmmm..... Upon closer inspection, I saw the dirt on this house was moving and crawling about! It was a caterpillar freeway with a couple of offramps...
If you have ever been out to visit the area between Lincoln City and Gleneden Beach on the central Oregon coast, you will recognize this photo of the Siletz Bay looking from the Salishan spit toward and area of south Lincoln City called Taft. Large trees like this one come in through the mouth o...

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A mix of thoughts and ideas from a full time Real Estate Broker who lives in and works in the entire Lincoln County Area, serving Lincoln City, Otis, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Otter Rock, Beverly Beach, Agate Beach, Newport, Yaquina Bay, Toledo, South Beach, Seal Rock, Waldport, Alsea, Tidewater, and Yachats.