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We've all seen those lovely infomercials that advertise those magical pills. And of course, there is always some guy with a shredded six-pack or a woman who is so incredibly toned that you'd be shocked if she had an ounce of body fat on her. Did they really get that body with those magical supple...
There are several different ways to you can recover from a workout. I learned over MANY years how important it is to practice recovery methods post-workout. I was blessed with good luck in acquiring a major back injury during my adolescent years. During that time, it didn't really bother me too m...
I'm sure you've all heard it before, and you'll continue to hear it... If you want to lose weight, YOU NEED PROTEIN! If you want to build muscle, YOU NEED PROTEIN! While there is some truth to this statement, don't be fooled into thinking that protein is your all-out savior to having success with...
I recently decided to join a FB group for a weight loss challenge. The whole idea behind this challenge is to give yourself 8 weeks, and whoever loses the most amount of weight is the winner. The incentive is you get paid to lose weight, so this can be a motivating factor. This couldn't have come...
It's is estimated that roughly 93 million Americans are considered obese. Roughly half that number (about 45 million) go on diets every year with less than 5% actually ever being successful. Why does this continue to happen? This is because everyone is looking for that quick fix, without looking ...
I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times before... You need to get enough sleep.Why is this important and why should you care to get enough sleep? There are several reasons, anywhere from affecting energy levels all the way to how it can affect your hunger.  First off, how much sleep should you ...
I have discovered that as I am rapidly approaching my mid-30’s, I have to be a lot more cognizant of what I eat. At this point, I have a chocolate shake and my a** jiggles for a week (Adam Sandler). The point is, I’ve had to find better ways to stop myself from eating everything in sight when I a...
For nearly a decade, I spent the better half of my twenties trying to put on weight the wrong way... For as long as I can remember, I would eat 6-7 meals a day and eat well beyond my comfort level. I kept reassuring myself that I wasn't getting fat, "I was getting muscular."  Sure enough, when it...
When I first moved into my 1 bedroom condo, everything seemed to be going well. I purchased my home for nearly half what the previous owner paid, and it was nice to finally have something to call my own (as opposed to renting) considering I was working as a waiter at a restaurant. There was just ...

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