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A former television news producer turned REALTOR? Yes, that's me. And I'm bringing my 2 loves together with blog. If you're looking for the latest local and national real estate news, stop searching you'll find it here. Of course I'll also add in some informational and some crazy stories from my real estate business, which I share with my mother, Barbara Carter. And of course updates about my family- my husband, Jason, and my 2 wonderful boys, Nathan (3-years-old) and Andrew (1-year-old). //--></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>
  If you're considering buying your first home, here's another incentive for you.  This week, New York State introduced another tax credit for first time homebuyers.   It's called the Mortgage Credit Certificate.  It allows home buyers to take a dollar-for-dollar federal income tax deduction of 2...
Here in New York State, real estate agents are required by law to explain to clients and customers who they're working for.  If you see a house that's listed for sale and you call the office that listed the house, that agent is working for seller, not for you.  Many people decide to work with the...
For the past couple of months, I've been in the dumps.  I don't even want to answer the phone, because I feel like all I ever get is bad news. With the country's financial situation, my real estate career is at a stand still.  My husband is losing his job at the end of the year.  My uncle was dia...
Today is election day- and I just want to encourage everyone to get out and vote!!!  We are so lucky to live in a country where we have the right to vote.  I am always proud to be an American, but it always makes me stand a little taller and a little prouder when I walk out of the voting booth an...
So, if you are a frequent reader of my blog, or if I'm a frequently comment on your blogs, you may be wondering where I've been. I've been wondering the same thing. Over the last month, I haven't been blogging too much. First, my in-laws were visiting for 2 weeks. We spent a lot of quality time t...
I can't believe it's been more than 2 weeks since I've posted a blog here on ActiveRain.  I have thought about sitting down to write a blog several times- but sometimes life just gets in the way!!! My in-laws came to visit for nearly 2 weeks.  They live in Florida and when they come they like to ...
Everyone wants to get a good deal- but when you put in an offer to purchase real estate, it a serious document and isn't a joke. We recently got an offer on one of our properties that has been on the market for quite some time.  The offer tens of thousands of dollars below the asking price.  At f...
If you've been thinking of buying a house, maybe this is the time to stop thinking and put in an offer.  Prices are down and many owners are anxious to sell.  Highland, New York is a great community to look in.  Highland is centrally located between Poughkeepsie, Kingston, New Paltz and Newburgh...
Where can you sample pizza, sushi, and lamb chops all in one place? This Sunday at Taste of New Paltz. The 18th annual celebration is being held from 11am-5pm at the Ulster County Fairgrounds. You can sample food from 30 area restaurants as well as wineries, breweries and farms. Admission is $5 f...

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