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  Many have their opinions on the Land of Israel , buta Higher Authority can confirm who actually doesown it . Let’s have the Words of Yahweh (YHWH) settle       all of the confusion. Please read the following verses .     Genesis 12:1-3 (1921BC) - The Abrahamic Covenant      Genesis 13:14-17(19...
    As part of Day 1 of my 30 hour Real Estate Class, we discuss building aDatabase . Most have never used a CRM. I shock them by saying “ You all are in a Race to 2,000 Names !” I then share Gary Kelley’s 50 to 1 Ratio.That 1 out of 50 people will be buying or selling a property each year .A Dat...
.    A new Sandwich Shop opened around the corner.They specialize in High -quality, chef-driven salads &Sandwiches . Their Sandwiches are packed with premium ingredients and creative flavor exploration.In addition they have Loaded Fries and 2 interesting Cheesesteaks . All of their Sandwiches are...
.       My favorite Christmas present this year was a pareof Socks (lol) . But as you can see these weren’t ordinary old socks . As a young boy I became a hugefan of the 1966 Baltimore Orioles and my favorite player Frank Robinson . Anchoring 3B was future Hall of Famer and the most beloved Oriol...
    When teaching Real Estate Sales I talk about the Four Foundations of your Business. One of these is your Database , which will become your Book of Business. Shockingly 90 % of Realtors will reach Retirement with nothing to sell . The primary reason for this , they’ve never organized their Bus...
.   We are heading over to one of our favorite ItalianRistorante , Rocco & Anna’s . It is located in Parkesburg in Chester County. Scrumptious Italian food with Homemade noodles and desserts. Their weekend Specials are incredible fresh cooked seafood over Veal & Salmon . They cook Fine Italian Cu...
.     The World’s Political Climate is heating up . Rumorsof Wars are starting to spread . Biblical eschatology has for years been speaking about the end times andwhat they will bring us . Since the time of Christ’s departure many believers have thought they might be the last Generation. But ther...
 A last minute adjustment on the amount of Snow we are going to receive has me unprepared. You seeon our projected Snow Days , I also plan in making Irish Stew in our Crock Pot . The aroma permeates thehouse all day long ( 8-10 hours) and our Black Lab starts pacing around the Kitchen by hour 7 ...
.    Sunday Morning means a lot of different things for our current Society. For some it is their Sabbath Day of Rest . Under the Levitical Law all were supposed to rest, even the animals ! At one time in America, many parts of the country had laws prohibiting businesses from being Open on Sunday...
.     I was out showing homes this afternoon and by theend of it, was starved . I quickly realized that I was close to one of our favorite independent Markets, Lancaster’sStauffers of Kissel Hill . It’s where we get our Christmas Special- a rack of Filets.  We usually serve pie & ice cream , but ...

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