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Known by her clients for her tenacity and perseverance, Bette “Bet” Gottwald blends up-to-the-minute technology with old-fashion customer service to keep her clients happy. When making a decision as important as real estate, contact Bet Gottwald.
The Harrisburg Kennel Club will host the Blue & Gray Cluster Dog Show which run from now through April 13 at the Farm Show Complex, 2300 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA.  Dogs of all kinds from the region will be found at the Harrisburg Kennel Club's April Show.  Events include an all-breed ...
Now is the perfect time to go the extra mile to assure your home is in tip-top shape for buyers when they come to view your home. Take advantage of this new season, where growth and flower blossoms will soon arrive, to de-clutter and disinfect your home, especially if it’s going up for sale. Spri...
  No April fooling, I haven't gotten much done outside yet this year. The last few weeks would have normally been the time period we begin cleaning up the landscape here in Central Pennsylvania, but most of us are now looking at performing first aid.   Just in time for new and seasoned homeowners...
The added time spent dealing with difficult clients may not be worth the money in the end. It is likely if you get started off the wrong foot, and the client is difficult , it may only get worse, and no good can come of it.  As Marte says, "if you choose your clients carefully, your career can be...
Anna talks about the importance of professionalism by being cooperative and nice.  I’m from the “old school” and this trait is normal for me, as it is for the majority of the readers of this post.  Unfortunately, there are some “not so nice” agents out there, what a shame.  We all have the same g...
Smells caused by last night's attempt at using asafetida in cuisine, this morning’s breakfast, or this afternoon's lunch odors on our clothing is offensive.  Cigarette smoking sometimes is even worse, causing bad odors on clothing, breath, hair, hands, and fingers. In my opinion heavy fragrances ...
Our nearly nine year old Leonberger, Dreyfus, was diagnosed recently with congestive heart failure. Yesterday, he went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. I can't begin to describe the sorrow and grief that I am feeling right now. I am worried - how can I help my husband and other Leonberger, M...
Volunteering keeps me centered and gives me a more realistic view of the world. Feeling like I'm contributing to the growth and development of my area makes me a better real estate professional, and a better person.   With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefit...
Use the same photo on all your networking sites so the brand you are presenting is consistent. The visual effect will help build your brand and will help increase your recognition by prospective clients.  Tammy White is a very successful agent in Tennessee, and you may want to read her blog to se...

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