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Reasons Your Minneapolis Condo won't sell in 2013 1. Price  If your Minneapolis condo is overpriced it will be less attractive to buyers.  Overpricing will only help your competition.  Every seller obviously wants to get the most money for his or her condo. Ironically, the best way to do this is ...
  The Minneapolis condo market is competitive and recently one of the local photographers I work with started using a helicopter and HD camera to document real estate from the sky.    Some of the neighborhoods--such as real estate in the Mill District have a number of new projects developed over ...
  Not too long ago our local professional photographer made big headlines telling all of the Minneapolis real estate agents that he puchased a radio controlled helicopter and mounted a HD camera that allowed him to begin filming real estate.  The results were fantastic!     For years I have been ...
During the boom of the market…  Nothing was going to stop the train of development that seemed never ending in downtown Minneapolis in the mid 2000s.  Across the skyline, cranes dotted the urban landscape.  They were a symbol to everyone that something was  happening on that given lot in the city...
  Lets get real honest folks.   We need to rethink how we are sending out direct mail to our niche markets.   Think of all the junk snail mail you get on a daily basis.  How much of it do you actually open up? Less than 5%? Maybe 3% on a good day.   Now think about the mail you get in a colorful ...
  A recent article on the New York Times as well as the current market conditions in the Minneapolis Condo market have prompted me to write this post.      The rental market in downtown Minneapolis is continuing to tighten but we have reached an interesting point in the market.  Rents year over y...
  Recently the 84th skyway in downtown Minneapolis was officially opened to the public that joins the Ameriprise and Accenture towers.  The skyways in downtown Minneapolis connect more than a handful of office buildings—they keep the people that create commerce flowing throughout the city some of...
 Finding a Minneapolis condo for rent in the current market is proving to be tough for most renters out there.  With vacancies less than 1% and getting tighter the market is truely in need of inventory.  How bad is it in Minneapolis for leasing?   Last weekend we had agents and buyers going throu...
  For an agent who handles plenty of business from the web I am beginning to see a clear trend in the Minneapolis real estate market that started to surface in the middle of 2011 and continues into 2012: the buying process is taking longer as move in ready and distressed inventory is evaporating ...
    If you happen to be driving around the Minneapolis Lakes Area keep your eyes peeled for dumpsters sitting the streets.  They are a clear signal that an owner is either in the midst of a rehab on an old house or about to tear down an aged property and begin to build a Minneapolis new construct...

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Author Bio: A veteran of the Minneapolis and surrounding real estate markets, Ben Ganje initially started working for a number of developers and builders in Minneapolis. Before long he expanded his market knowledge into the Minneapolis Lakes area, Edina, St Louis Park and Golden Valley. Ben Ganje + Partners focus on working with sellers, buyers, renters alike looking to make a move.

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