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Hidden Toxins That Can Kill Your Dog...Check Your Pantry Yesterday my cousin in South Carolina, Caroline, notified me of a toxin hidden in foods that can kill dogs. It was from a dog rescue newsletter she had received.Dr. David, McGrath, DVM has determined that toxins inside low calorie sweetener...
  10 Tips for Home Buyersby Kristin Hamilton, Realtor 1. Look on the Internet and write down your absolute musts; Features and Locations.2. Let your real estate agent know what you  "Must Have" and "Would Like".3. Look on the Internet and preferable have your agent set you up a search with the pe...
I See You Hiding ThereWhile watering my backyard plants, I noticed this little Pansy peeking out the large pot full of Honey Suckle and Wild Poppies. What a nice suprise. If you enjoy nature and spend time outside, you will probably agree that a sharp eye is important to find special surprises li...
Hope you Didn't Miss the Solar Eclipse Supermoon?Supermoon over the Inland EmpireOn Sunday September 27, 2015 at 7:11 pm EST we had a double celestial spectacular event with a Lunar Ecipse and a Supermoon over Southern California. This moon is also known as a Blood Moon and it does look like one,...
Saying Good-Bye to Yogi Berra...a Yankee CelebrityYogi-a Baseball Icon Lawrence Peter 'Yogi' Berra born in 1925, was one of the great catchers and had a great career as a Yankee. Started playing in 1947.  Yogi Berra died on Tuesday September 22, 2015.He started playing catcher and outfielder in 1...
Happy First Day of Fall- My Favorite SeasonFirst Day of FallToday, or to be exact at 1:23 am was the first day of "Fall" which is my favorite season. I love all the things that remind me of the season; Hot Apple Cidar, Leaves blowing in the wind, Trees turning a variety shades of brown and rust a...
9/11 Celebration of Life in Shanksville, PennsylvaniaSite of Flight 93's Crash in the Pennsylvania Countryside  In 2012, while on vacation in Pennsylvania, we drove to Shanksville, PA to visit the Memorial Park which is the crash site of Flight 93. 40 passengers/crew died that morning as it was p...
Multiple Hummingbirds and a Monarch Visitor  There are many native plants that bloom in the late summer into fall, such as goldenrod, asters, ironweed or sunflowers. Add such late-blooming natives to your garden, along with native milkweed on which monarchs will lay their eggs come spring, and yo...
First of 3 Supermoons on August 29, 2015...SpectacularThe world saw the first of three supermoons in a row, starting on August 29,  and the second one will be on September 27, and finally the third on October 27.The moon was officially full at 6:26 p.m. on the night of August 29, just 30 minutes ...
HUD Wants FHA Buyers to Have Home InspectionsStarting on Sept. 14, 2015,  HUD is making it mandatory that  lenders inform their borrowers when they first meet to advise them to get a home inspection prior to purchasing a home. This mandate will be added to the HUD/Federal Housing Administration S...

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I am a Southern California Realtor and have a wide variety of interests. First of all Real Estate is my real love and focus point but I do have Hobbies. I am interested in Photography; Nature, Landscaping, Lunar and Solar Phases, but Birds are my favorites. I also enjoy scrapbooking, blogging, and traveling; beaches, deserts, and mountains. I am also involved in the community organizations and charities. I care about the Inland Empire and making it a better place to live. I write this daily blog composed of nature, real estate news and interesting stories in Southern Califoria and other places across the United States.