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Staying put? It's a great time to buy a Condo in the Atlanta Real Estate Market! Across metro Atlanta, about 9,000 existing condominiums are for sale and another 17,000 new units are planned, indicating that the city's condo market is becoming oversupplied. The city has almost a one-year supply o...
The Atlanta Real Estate Market is the second-largest housing market in the nation, and housing prices have enjoyed steady appreciation without the skyrocketing increases that have pushed other large markets toward a bubble. Atlanta home buyers and commuters who have become tired of the long drive...
 What a Deal!! It’s the perfect time to buy a new home in the Atlanta Real Estate Market. Because the decrease in the purchase of homes nationwide has led to an oversupply in new homes for sale, Builders in Atlanta have increased the use of sales incentives to move their products. You’ll find dra...