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I have spent the weekend relaxing and catching up on work, organizing my business and computer.  One of the tasks has been to go through the many, many pictures (in my business I take a lot of my work).  I became totally distracted by the pictures of my son's recent wedding.  I want to post to sh...
Of late some of my Home Staging Projects have not moved forward as the Realtor wants to (and does) handle the communication with the Sellers without me.  I just never know how Home Staging is presented or what the Sellers objections are. The Realtor gets my proposal and "passes" it on to the Sell...
Greetings, I love this business!!  I love helping in the sale process!  This year a Realtor approached me to Stage a 7000+ home; it was over 2 decades old.  The kitchen was amazing, the flow good but the bathrooms needed updating.  This house had everything - beautiful sprawling property, 5 bed, ...
I recently returned from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals Convention in Bellevue, Washington.  I spent time with my ASP family, Learned a lot, Taught a Table Top Discussion, and spent time with Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging®. At the convention we discussed H...
Although I am slow to jump on each and every bandwagon that comes along I have jumped on the Green Band Wagon. I am offering Green Home Staging.  Home Staging and Green are in may ways a natural fit.  Professional Home Stagers (me anyway) reuse furnishings & accessories (from our inventory) in ne...

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